Folklore Review: 4/10 from GameDaily

GameDaily writes:
Folklore is one of 2007's biggest disappointments. A PlayStation 3 game that at first seemed promising, but explodes in a fiery wreck, thanks to annoying dialogue, bizarre comic book style cut scenes and drab game play. We love the intro, which sets up this mysterious, Silent Hill-esque adventure through a ghostly town, but we knew this game would bomb the moment we bumped into the scarecrow that continuously mutters "Uwee Hee Hee".

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MK_Red4089d ago

Wow, and I though that other review was biased and wrong. Even the biggest haters of PS3 know that this game deserves higher than 4. Terrible review. It has superb art design, kool and innovative use of SIXAXIS and isn't that short. The belive it should be somewhere between 7 and 9.

Maddens Raiders4089d ago

*something is wrong with reviews these days. That's a fact.

TheSadTruth4089d ago

Reviews are opinions, not everyone loved Halo, and no one loved Lair. Some people expect more out of games, and others like IGN, only tend to look at the positives. This site gave Heavenly Sword and Warhawk both 8's, so you can't cry "Xbots." They state why the game is bad, so just accept it and move on, if you enjoy mashing buttons with pretty graphics, then buy the game.

SL1M DADDY4089d ago

They gave Ninety Nine Nights a 6 for god’s sakes… You want to talk about button mashers then there ya go. If they can award N3 with a six, folklore deserves at least that much. These guys are pathetic, just like 90% of the other review critics. Perhaps Sony needs to start dishing out some goodie bags too.

jackfatal4089d ago

what makes a game get perfect 10/10??

graphics should be the best out there!
gameplay should be the best out there!
story should be the best out there!
lenght should be the best out there!
value(replaying it again) should be the best out there!
sound should be the best out there!

now can someone dare and tell me any game this year including halo 3 has all these points??

the answer is simple NO!
then y we see games such as bioshock and halo 3 gets 10/10?? think about it and tell me!!

Sayai jin4089d ago

I think what the review sites should do is to hire a few fanboys for al 3 sides and some unbiased gamers (switch them out for diffrent games) and let them review a game. I think this would put back some credibaility in reviews, plus it would help fanboys over time see that there are great games and poor games on all the systems.

Back on topic...I have not played the game, but I still do not take reviews for the gospel. From what I have seen the game does deserve a higher score than what it received.

@Madden Raiders you say *something is wrong with reviews these days. That's a fact. But I see so many people waiting for a game on anothr sytem to get a bad review and suddenly they change there tune and say, ooh that games was terrible like I suspected.

People are we all in elemtary school again. Names like Fony Fangirls, Xbots, etc sounds like name calling that was dne in elemtary school. I am sure we cn debte on a igher evel than this. Alot of you are missing this... IT is the BEST time to be a GAMER EVER!

JasonXE4089d ago

isn't that good? idk, but I suggest you find a site with an opinion you can trust. Lots of different view points in scores so I suggest a rent before a buy.

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xaphanze4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

From 4(gamedaily) to 9(ign)? There's something wrong for sure. The reviews totally contradict each other.
IGN rated this game as an adventure game and not RPG and I think this is what it is.

MK_Red4089d ago

Good point. 2 9s (IGN, Play), 8, 7.2, 6.9, 6.6, 5.8, 5, 4. Aside from 1 to 3 and 10, Folklore scores have covered all review numbers.

wageslave4089d ago

Its funny that fanboys -- when they dont get what they want ie: rave reviews for PS3 gamess, and criticism of Wii and Xbox games -- are assuaulting the very notion of Criticism.

Not every reviewer is right on every count. But, taken as a COLLECTIVE, they are pretty much dead on.

Review happens happens in every human endevour, and the collection of those reviews is pretty accurate knowledge.

It builds a concensus. Can you disagree with it? Sure, but if you constantly disagree, you have to ask yourself "Why am I _wrong_ all the time?"

Want to know what the world's independant, neutral game press thinks of a game? Simple.

Use or to find what the Aggregate concensus on it is.

Can you disagree with the concensus? Sure -- but if you do it over and over and over again, you've got to do some introspection.

The Consensus on Folklore?

7.3 / 10 "Mixed or Average Reviews" as they say.

cr33ping_death4089d ago

"but we knew this game would bomb" wow enough said....BS review...i enjoyed the demo and some bias F*CK isnt going to change what i experienced hands on.

MK_Red4089d ago

Totally agreed.

I don't know but putting "but we knew this game would bomb" in start of your review is one seriously unprofessional and kinda biased way.

BIadestarX4089d ago

There it goes the hope and dream of one AAA PS3 title. (at least from this review)... to give this game the benefit of the doubt... let see what others reviewers give... if it turns into another Lair or worst... the it's no AAA. Period.

xplosneer4089d ago

A matter of opinion Bladestar, All a matter of opinion....

MarioFromTexas4089d ago

You are an idiot...Since when has score had anything to do with AAA...Is bioshock a AAA title since it 95 score? how many copies sold detemines if a game is AAA status. A game could score 10/10 and it won't mean crap. AAA games are games that sell systems. Bioshock got a 95/100 and I bet spiderman game out sold it by 4 to 1. A reveiw is just an opinion which M$ bought for Halo3, because after playing for 4 hours, there is no way in hell Halo3 is 10/10..I guess someone forgot to tell bungie that the game should cover the whole TV Screen. The animations sux, the story sux, the most linear game in history, the game doesn't even cover my tv widescreen, graphics that the xbox1 could of done. I played your precious game and it sux balls...Not even Halo1 that was great got a 10/10 and yet bungie released this garbage and stupid reveiwers give it a 10/10. People complain about framerate in the PS3, then you are going to complain about frame rate in halo because it slows down tremendously and to top it the graphics sux so there is no excuse. Halo3 is in the same catogory as Lair in my opinion. Where are the point deductions for this game? Where? Halo3 is garbage, it's an updated multiplayer halo2 pack...I played Halo2 more than most people and I can say that it's sad when you know reviews were bought

Alvadr4089d ago

The word we are all looking for is Tosser

BIadestarX4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

@MarioFromTexas - mmm... I am not sure what a AAA means to you Sony fanboys.... I but for most gamers.... a AAA title is one that scores 9-10/10 in most reviews and sells lots of copies because gamers agree... now as far as you Sony fanboys... you have a different criteria...
Here is the criteria for Sony fanboys:
If most reviewers give 9-10/10 and is on the xbox 360 then it sucks...
If most reviewers give 4-6/10 and is on the PS3 than it's a AAA...
we know the drill... we lair was an example... no Sony fanboy agrees with the score it got... and no Sony fanboy agree with the score Halo 3 got... get it? it's phycological... everything is a conspiracy with you guys.. and everyone is against PS3 games...

Let me guess... you sudgest... ignore the review PS3 games get (when negative) and listen to what Sony fanboys such as yourself say.... ohh I get it... too bad you Sony fanboys can't be trusted to rate a PS3 game... you are not capable of giving a non-bias review about anything published on the PS3... everything runs better or is better on the PS3...

I listen to these reviews... even if I don't like it... this is why I didn't get Blue Dragon eventhough I was waiting for it for ever... one must learn to assept when things don't go our way...

and like I said before... let wait for other reviewers... it's only fair... if the game gets a bad score from multiple places.. than the game sucks... and it's just a rental.

So, if what you say is true about AAA games... than by default it's not possible to have a AAA game... there is no such thing as to have a Perfect game. I would go even further as to say.. that no matter how good or fun a wii game is it can't possible be a AAA? "graphics should be the best out there!" as far as I can tell.. the wii will never be able to reach the Kill Zone 2 or Gears in terms of graphics... so.. if you are right then the wii can't have AAA... how about the PC? the PC can produce better graphics than any game on the console... so it's impossible for the PS3 and the xbox 360 to match, "graphics should be the best out there!" when compared to Crysis... how can console match the huge amount of Memory, CPU power, and GPU available on PC today...
So if a game does not offer multiplayer as robust as Halo 3, co-op like Halo 3, graphics like Crysis, story line like Final fantasy or metal gear... then it's not a AAA title and should never get 10/10?
WOW.. you may want to check your standards as far as gaming is concern or you are in for a big let down... the games your are describing will never happen.. since it would take for ever to make and the budget would be huge.

jackfatal4089d ago

what makes a game get perfect 10/10??
graphics should be the best out there!
gameplay should be the best out there!
story should be the best out there!
lenght should be the best out there!
value(replaying it again) should be the best out there!
sound should be the best out there!

now can someone dare and tell me any game this year including halo 3 has all these points??

the answer is simple NO!
then y we see games such as bioshock and halo 3 gets 10/10?? think about it and tell me!!

gololo4089d ago

Check out an article for the def. of AAA, A and B level games...then come back and tell us what you found out..or if you don't want to read it then here is a summary:
"AAA game means games that have almost unlimited budgets and are media events." (IE Halo 3)
"[A level games] may be as fun or even funner than AAA games but dont have the budgets behind them...No full motion video between every level, they are about the game, not the game and experience." (IE Shadow of Colossus)
"[B games] Cheap to make."
"Historically, AAA, A, and B games represented how much money youd put in and get back."
"AAA, A, and B level games have nothing to do with how good the game is."

blackmagic4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

Gololo, I think the point you are missing here is in this statement:
"Historically, AAA, A, and B games represented how much money you'd put in and GET BACK." The stipulation there being that a game has to be a money maker to be considered AAA. ie popular

Even a small budget game can be a AAA title if it makes a lot of money/is popular. In the movie world think of 'The Terminator' and 'Waterworld'. The Terminator had a tiny budget yet has massive fanfair, has recieved great reviews and has made tons of money - AAA title. Waterworld had a massive budget, limited fanfair, recieved horrible reviews and flopped in the box office - B title. On the PS3 I believe the equivalent titles would be Little Big Planet (The Terminator) and Lair (Waterworld). On the 360 I'd say Geometry Wars (The Terminator) and Ninety Nine Nights (Waterworld). Of course the majority of AAA titles also have large budgets.

Personally, I use Metacritic as the ONLY source of reliable reviews since it balances the extremes. I also have a scale that I apply to what I think the populace thinks and it rarely fails me:

Casual gamers
AAA -> 90 - 100 Metacritic Score
A -> 80 - 89 Metacritic Score
B -> 70 - 79 Metacritic Score
unplayable 69 and below

Genre Gamer (ie rpg fan looking at rpg review)
AAA -> 80 - 100 Metacritic Score
A -> 70 - 79 Metacritic Score
B -> 60 - 69 Metacritic Score
unplayable 59 and below

AAA -> 75 - 100 Metacritic Score OR 1st/2nd party title
A -> 55 - 74 Metacritic Score
B -> 0 - 54 Metacritic Score
No games unplayable

Keep in mind that a title that ranks in the 70's on metacritic could easily have reviews ranging from 50-90.

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umair_s514089d ago

I agree absolutely a baised review, the six axis controls and innovative art style deserves more than 4.