Hands-on Near Finished PS3 Version of Unreal Tournament 3

When GamesRadar's straining ears picked up the first whispered rumours emanating from Epic that Unreal Tournament 3 was coming to PS3, they couldn't sleep at the prospect of getting our mitts on the game. And that's exactly what they did on a recent visit to Epic's North Carolina offices, where lead designer Steve Polge and producer Jeff Morris unveiled the nearly completed version of what could be one of the most thrilling PS3 titles of the year (whereby "the year" means 2008).

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MK_Red3727d ago

I still strongly hope they release UT3 on PS3 this year because I can't wait for UT and my system can't run it with true graphics features turned on.

SL1M DADDY3727d ago

I know I would like to see it this year too but with Haze and COD4 along with a plethora of other great titles still coming you can bet that this would be better served for myself if it came out early next year. I want to play it badly but if it were between getting the game this Christmas with only part of the PC content or early next year with all of the PC content... I'll take it next year. ;-)

secret3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Here...look at this in the meantime...

xplosneer3727d ago

Almost done? Why was it delayed.
*I forsee someone to blame MS for paying off Epic*

Bonsai12143727d ago


happy? haha

now, i'm going to get a crap load of disagrees and debubbled because people don't bother reading the actual middle of the post... oh well

but yeah, if its "near finished" why is it delayed.. oh well. i'll still buy it when it comes out. console version supports keyboard right? time for for uberpwnage of n00bs. (wow, i'll never speak like that again.. haha)

WAR_MACHINE773727d ago

it got delayed because they decided to add the maps that they were planing to cut. So we wait just a little bit extra and get a version that will be equal to the PC.

PimpHandHappy3727d ago

and with Haze and COD4 maybe its the right move to get out of the month of Nov if your not totally happy with the game.

I will put my trust in Epic and im sure they will make a dam fine shooter.

I am more pumped about COD4 then unreal anyway

xaphanze3727d ago

Im glad it was pushed back. With all the games coming out this november I dont know how the hell Im gonna get cash.

Foliage3727d ago

I've been a UT fan for a good while, and I've used their engine quite a bit. So I guess it goes without saying that I can't wait for this game to come out.

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The story is too old to be commented.