Who should have won at the videogame BAFTAs?

IncGamers: Join IncGamers editorial staff, Peter Parrish, Tim McDonald and John Robertson as they share their opionions on which games 'should' have won at last night's BAFTA award ceremony.

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the-thing-that-is2590d ago

Heavy rain, god of war & dragon age all bette than mass2

Lamarthedancer2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

True...I loved Mass Effect 2 but I felt like a some points it was a step back from the first one.

Like Thermal Clips as ammo....seriously. I thought it was nice that the first one wasn't trying to be like everyother shooter out there. The over heating system made you think about your battles and how many shots you could get it before it overheated and when to use your biotics.

theonlylolking2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

best action game: god of war 3
artistic achievement:heavy rain
best game:Mass Effect 2
gameplay:god of war 3
multiplayer:starcraft 2
original music:mass effect 2
sports:Granturismo 5
story:Mass Effect 2 or heavy rain
stratagy:starcraft 2
technical innovation:heavy rain

iamironman2590d ago

good call on starcraft for multiplayer.

the-thing-that-is2590d ago

nice to see all the battlefield love. i thought everyone was still bumming black ops.

battlefield 3 game of the year 2011? yep.


syrinx2590d ago

Black Ops wins public vote. Man the public have no idea what is decent.

a_bro2590d ago

the main reason why you shouldnt trust a popularity vote when it comes to things like this, just like in sports (aka NBA/MLB all-star games)

Biggest2590d ago

Agree. Yao Ming was voted to the NBA All-Star game despite not playing at all. Popularity contests are pointless.

gravemaker2590d ago

everyone hate CoD, but everyone still buy it year after year
double standards is a bad thing

iamironman2590d ago

so long as i still own on cod the way i'm doing right now (k/d ratio 2.98) then ill keep buying cod.

kneon2590d ago

For me that would be the reason to stop buying, if it's too easy it's no fun.

I wasn't going to buy the last one but my daughters clan started playing it.

the-thing-that-is2590d ago

the reason to stop buying it is because it's boring and full of idiots

TLG19912590d ago


you keep "owning" on cod because it help you like a parent holding a childs hand across the road. its full of aim assiting option and shit so it makes you feel good and makes you feel like your awesome (which your not) and that really shows when you play things like battlefield and counter strike and killzone which require a level of skill.

sorry to burst your bubble thinking you are owning but your far from it.

MGRogue20172590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit won for multi-player? wtf.. That ain't right.

CoD: Black Ops (X360) should have won that.

I could have said Bad Company 2.. but I was just on that game's multiplayer yesterday.. and it was terrible, I don't know wtf has happened to that game since I last played it about a year ago. All I know was that my team was losing.. and then all of a sudden, I found myself to be the only player left on my team.. and the other team had around 6-9 players.. Didn't make any sense.. lol, so I just left the game.

Anyway, I don't care what anyone says.. I experience no problems whatosever with Black Ops every time I jump onto my 360 to play it.. I get into a game almost instantly & I have fun. :)

Sound is amazing, each firefight I run into with another player is epic, just really good over all.

People don't praise CoD: Black Ops enough.. too many haters out there.

a_bro2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

need for speed won because it has an innovative multiplayer feature called autolog. CODs multiplayer is not innovative since its the same crap every year.

MGRogue20172590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

It's not the same crap every year, actually.

Sure, you do the same stuff like shoot enemies like in every FPS.. But each CoD game has a different story, different theme of some sort.. And multi-player is different in some way as well.

They're not all 100% the same.


RedDead2590d ago

Auto balance would fix that, I only recently start playing BC2. I Fu** ing love it. Way better than Cod imo. probably better than every shooter this gen I think.

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