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Is Homefront as bad as the other review say? With a bombastic FMV opening movie the likes of which you don’t see in games unless they involve commanding and conquering, Homefront opens in confident form. Where does it go from there though?

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BabyTownFrolics2625d ago

i realize alot of folks want to get into the gaming journalism business but if you check out metacritic

there are 44 reviews

how many reviews do we need for one game?

Nes_Daze2625d ago

You might need only one, 44, or none to decide whether you want the game or not. I don't mind the many reviews, I'm surprised there aren't more.

RedDead2625d ago

There is normally more and will be more.

TKCMuzzer2625d ago

Lol, check out Killzone 3 on N4G. It has had 313 review articles passed, that's right 313.

NukaCola2625d ago


JsonHenry2625d ago

I don't care what any of the reviews say. The multiplayer has dedicated servers (on PC at least, not sure about consoles) is feature/upgrade rich and the single player is good but a tad short. (IMO)

The reviews it is getting on average makes it out to be a less than "good" game and I simply just can't agree. Not, it isn't BFBC2 but it certainly has all the things that made CoD popular. If this game is good. Not mind blowingly so, but good nonetheless.

THQ just needs to learn to buy off reviewers like EA and Activision if they want to get a fair shake at reviews.

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Solid_Snake-2625d ago

id give it a 7.5 at the mo. im only a couple of hours in though.