Team Fortress 2 Video from GC06

From the people who brought you Half-life and Counter Strike, here's Team Fortress 2. Video taken at GC06 Germany.

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Islandkiwi4197d ago

Love launching yourself with the rocket launcher...and the graphics really appeal to me.

BIadestarX4197d ago

yeah.. but the gameplay is from the 360. You should know by now; Sony does not show GamePlay.

soccerstar4197d ago

this game looks like a blast cant wait to play it on ps3/360
does it have split screen multiplayer so u can play with ur friends? coop though the campaign?

Loudninja4197d ago

MAn, i thouht gamefaq was bad.

XboxKing4197d ago

yup (you should read the fan mail we get at my job)

soccerstar4197d ago

sorry im not 50 years old like most of the people here so i didnt play the original game sry im only 16

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