Homefront sells 375 000 on day one in US, server capacity being added

THQ’s military-themed shooter Homefront arrived on shelves across North America two days ago, on the 15th of March. Since then the publisher has announced “robust” first day sales for the title and undertaken to add dedicated server capacity to meet the strong multiplayer demand.

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Stealth20k2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

itll probably sell half that the next week and then half and half ect.And dont expect it to sell anywhere else

Dylantalon12627d ago

nice. hopefully this game goes on selling well. its not my cup of tea but i want it and the developers to be successful

imvix2627d ago

True lol, expect it to be on discount on Steam in the next 2-3months just like the other THQ games.

I remember buying Metro 2033 for 23usd 3months after launch great price for that game.

Ill wait for a Steam discount for this one.

FailOverHero2627d ago

Those are day 1 sales, not even week 1. So lets wait and see how well it does before we start talking about 2nd week sales. So far its looking set to beat every fps that has released this year in NA. I say in NA because NA is all the data we have right now.

MidnytRain2627d ago

That's actually not too shabby for day one sales of a new IP. But whether it sells two million as THQ wants remains to be seen. If this does do well, then hopefully THQ wll encourage pushes into something more experimental in the future.

Calm Down Sunshine2627d ago

With each 'new' game you hope they learn, but they never do.

Brewski0072627d ago

True that, I agree.

Although it gives them the opportunity to gauge the current server at full capacity to see how much they need to do.

Elven62627d ago

I disagree, Guerrilla is a prime example. Before Killzone: Liberation the games they made weren't received too well critically but they turned that around. Killzone: Liberation was received better than Killzone on the PS2 and Killzone 2 and 3 speak for themselves after that.

I think any team can make good games if they have the right support. With Homefront it will be interesting to see if any publisher pressure played into how the game turned out. There seem to be plenty of valid complaints about in game advertising in the campaign.

ultimate-remag2627d ago

i doubt this is even true many ppl on ur friends list r playing this?? i have 1... how bout u guys?

Baka-akaB2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

let me guess , you are friend with everyone :p ?

trainsinrdr2627d ago

its far better than crysis 2 and bulletstorm but still not as good as bc2

mushroomwig2627d ago

Hopefully this is true, the devolopers need to sell 2 million just to break even and I hope they make it!

Spydiggity2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

why? all they did was clone a tired game that should have died off long ago. vote with your dollars ppl...stop supporting this tripe, and they'll stop churning it out.

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