Crysis 2 Demo: Adjust Settings To Get Better Quality

Crytek Executive Producer Nathan Camarillo responds to the fans about Crysis 2 demo. Visit the link for more information.

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TrevorPhillips2682d ago

This isn't HHG. He's from USA and I'm from AUS lol

joab7772682d ago

Is this Guy kidding me? Any settings that have given me the picture quality on my TV for killzone 3 should b fine. And how about this for my damn modem and router. I spent $200 on my router. It gives me a NAT type doesn't get better. I spent 45 min trying to get into 1 game...1 game. And i did 8 or 9 x...only to b disconnected due to netwark error. I thought that maybe it was my connection from outside my house so i fired up the 360. I was playing in 2 minutes. I even quit out and got back in in seconds. Not that i was very impressed w the 360 graphics either...but maybe he has some suggestions there too...oh, wait...every other game looks fine. Don't take us for fools. I am so hoping that the ps3 version is comparable. Ill let u know if i ever get to play the demo.

Liamario2682d ago

"Adjust settings to get better quality"

Anything is possible when you don't know what you're talking about.

_LarZen_2682d ago

Nathan Camarillo is a fucking moron.