Hideo Kojima Won't Stop Working

Andriasang: Kojima has slowed his Twitter output a bit since last week's earthquake, but some of his Tweets have been rather inspirational.

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ChrisW2626d ago

It's people like him that are needed to keep Japan's economy running. Very respectful!

For some strange reason, factories (like Toyota) are closed in central and southern Japan, 300+ miles southwest of where the quake was. If they haven't noticed, the rest of the world hasn't stopped moving.

DoctorXpro2626d ago

If I was him I would leave Japan before the radiation spreads.

ChrisW2626d ago

Nah, he'll die of Karoshi (過労死) before he dies of radiation poisoning.

kvg882626d ago

I did a sociology project on Karoshi last term - I think you may be right lol Either that or Hara Kiri

ChrisW2626d ago

No one really commits seppuku or harakiri anymore. I believe the last known suicide that way was in the late 90s.

BTW, I didn't give you an agree or a disagree.

TheDarkness2626d ago

Is not work for him It's Fun.

sikker442626d ago

you said it...Thats the best kind of career, when somethings fun. this guy has made the best stealth game on planet earth called Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots. and it was all in fun.

trainsinrdr2626d ago

yh but he actually wanted the mgs series to end at mgs2 but his fans kept begging for a sequel so eventually he made mgs3 and after that his fans said there were too many questions left unanswered so he made mgs4 and said himself thats it and said he wants to work on something new but as usual the fans beg for more so now we have rising...its not really fun anymore because he has to milk the mg franchise because it got so popular

Baka-akaB2626d ago

but he doesnt have too . Yeah originally he had planned to leave it at mgs2 .. but since he had new ideas and gameplay feature he wanted to implement .

One cannot look at say Peacemaker and believe he is doing any chore with the franchise and not having lots of fun and renewed interest

Robearboy2626d ago

As much as i have respect for this guys talents i find him to be one arrogant fool. Instead of tweeting about his fellow country men been in strife,offering his support etc he only tweets about his own well beign, how he is ok and that the earthquake/tsunami/impending nuclear meltdown wont stop him from working.

Baka-akaB2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

yeah how dare someone text that he is ok when asked ...

"From Hideo Kojima's Twitter today:

"Materials, rescue work, information. Among the various types of support, what we can do (what we're good at) is giving courage and energy to everyone through entertainment. So, we'd like to do what we can."

I also think this make your unwarranted attack looks even more silly .

ReservoirDog3162626d ago

"Materials, rescue work, information. Among the various types of support, what we can do (what we're good at) is giving courage and energy to everyone through entertainment. So, we'd like to do what we can."

Yeah like during the great depression, movie ticket sales soared. In bad times, people like being entertained; people like being happy.

So, yay for Kojima.

Robearboy2626d ago

It actually wasnt an attack it was an opinion, which some will agree, most on this site wont, but in my opinion I would rather see the guy do some thing other than tweet "I cant help dig people out of the rubble, I cant help clear the mess but Hey I can make you a good game and entertain you all"

I think at this moment in time, playing games and been enetrtained is the last thing the Japanese people want or need, and to the other comment about the great depression - there is a slight difference between people not having any money and the country been skint to watching a boat come floating past your house amongst cars and hundreds of dead people. Did you think the people of New orleans wanted help or to play MGS4???

Baka-akaB2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

who the hell are you to decide he isnt doing something actually ? Does he need to advertise it to you ?

Do we even know if he hasnt actually lost friends , family , and hasnt be in some way directly touched by the event ?

Sorry but it reeks of insensitivity from someone apparently not involved and smack in the middle of it .

No offense , really , but so far you're the one acting arrogant here , not him .

MWH2626d ago

i'm sad because of all this, but a ZOE3 would make my day shine.

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