The BAFTA Game Awards Winners

The BAFTA Game Awards’ night was 17th March and with some surprises and not-so-surprising awards,here are the winners.

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Dylantalon12592d ago

i cant wait to play uncharted 3 in 3d

UnSelf2592d ago

wait was? the 17th just damn near started

ZeroChaos2592d ago

I wish Alan Wake got some awards :/

NeoBasch2592d ago

Alan Wake should have got best story, but Heavy Rain was fairly good as well. It's not like AW was snubbed or anything. Heavy Rain was pretty beast as well. Honestly, if it wasn't for God of War III, I would have chose it as Game of the Year as well.

I'm just happy Mass Effect 2 didn't win for story or music (both aspects are highly overrated, especially considering the story is downright laughable).