3 things gamers would (foolishly) ask a genie for

Be careful what you wish for…

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Agent Smith2656d ago

I'd wish for moar wishes.

itsactuallyadam2656d ago

silly smith, you can't wish for more wish's, it's against the rules. wishing for more genies on the other hand is still a grey area...

Focker4202656d ago

I'd wish for every single game that will come out in the future, as well as one billion dollars.

itsactuallyadam2656d ago

#1: Give Valve more money and make them make Half Life 3
#2: Bring Sega back to life and make them make Shenmue 3
#3: Gamer Girlfriend of course...

SuicidalTendencies2656d ago


1. Invincibility
2. Infinite ammo
3. Powers of Superman