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Kaos Studios and THQ have teamed up to make Homefront, a futuristic shooter, all that it can be. Kaos Studios outsourced the PC version to Digital Extremes who are responsible for ports of Unreal Tournament games and Bioshock. How does this game stack up to the other big name releases from the last year?

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Stockslinger2563d ago

Maybe my perspctive is scewed being an adult, and coming from PC shooters like RB6 but, the grapics are more realistic than CoD Black Ops. Just played Black Ops again and it was cartoonish comared to Homefront. Sure, the interface and menu are more polished, but take a good look at the graphics again........Yellow and green houses??? really? Homefront to me is less of a cartoon and more Battle Sim. People hate change. But take an honest objective look again at CoD and you will see good/GREAT in both. IMHO.