Sniper Ghost Warrior: PS3 images

City Interactive's new FPS game is coming to PS3. The game also released for PC,Xbox 360 last year and get very low review scores. But this time it's coming for PS3 with a new graphic engine. Also PS3 users can be use Sniper Weapons at every stage. Developers promised for PS3 only exclusive stages also. We have new images for Sniper: Ghost Warrior. Check out gallery.

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sikker442678d ago

thinking about getting this one, i love to snipe fools in bfbc2, so its a maybe right now. and the ps3 screens look pretty good.

BrunoM2678d ago

il be honest i never heard of it but the gameplay sounds and looks like something id like

Rampaged Death2678d ago

Then I guess you like awful games.

BrunoM2678d ago

Sorry that me thinking I may like a game get you mad lol

But I just check a few trailers online and I look look wit the bullet time thing ...
But I'm not the kind of guy to buy a game for it reviews I try it and if I like it I get it ..

I wasn't that way last gen I would of not have played so mane great games that ended up on the 5/10's

But ya hoping there will be a demo for me to give it a "shot"

Excalibur2678d ago

From playing the game on the 360 (and hating it BTW) I can tell you those screen caps are from the cut scenes, just sayin'.

dirthurts2678d ago

The game looks great on PC. I'm sure the console version isn't too far behind.

awiseman2678d ago

Dont be fooled, the game looks good, but it will be utter rubbish for gameplay. It will loaded with bugs and glitches, City interactive could not even get the game to work on the PC and Xbox properly. What makes you think they will be able to make a proper port to the ps3?

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