Dynasty Warriors 7 Tops the Charts

Andriasang: Dynasty Warriors 7 topped Media Create's weekly sales charts this week with over a quarter million in sales. In hardware, 3DS sold nearly 100,000 units in its third week, down from the 200,000 of last week, but still enough for first place.

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sikker442680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

its been too long since i played one of those games, maybe its worth a rent

radphil2680d ago

I'd give it a go. It's much better than how 6 turned out to.

I prefer DW5 though out of all the games. DW7 has noticeable improvements for better or in a few cases worse.

HmongAmerican2680d ago

wait for the price to drop this game doesn't worth $60.

sikker442680d ago

thanks for your insight. bubbles

AhmadCentral2680d ago

I'd say its worth it. The amount of new features compared to DW6 is quite a lot. DW7 is really looking to be the best in the series.