10 fitness tips for gamers

It's important for gamers to stay fit. Find out the 10 easiest ways to do it.

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Yes_22503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

What does this have to do with gamers? It's basically just a random list of common sense tips that barely have anything to do with fitness or gaming.

"Drink lots of water."

Duh everyone should do that.

"Walk as much as you can."

Walking will make you fit? OMG I don't believe it!

"Stay clean."

Yes everyone should be hygenic. But how will that make a person physically fit?

"Keep your nails short."

Hmmm since when did long nails prevent people from becoming fit?

"Do freehand exercises at least once a day."


"Eat fruits and less fast food."

Duh again?

"Slash cold water in your eyes few times a day."

It feels good but how will this help someone get fit?

"Keep your joysticks/keyboard clean."

Once again, how will this help someone get fit?

"Avoid smoking/smokers accompany."

I'm pretty sure people (both smoker and non-smokers) know that smoking isn't great for your health.

"Try to follow the above tips."

No thanks. I'll just stick to my regular exercise and healthy diet.

Sleven2503d ago

I'm not sure what point you were trying to prove mate!

Yes_22503d ago

Funny, I would have thought my post made it perfectly clear what point I was trying to prove.

kuroukage2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Basically he's saying, and I'll paraphrase here, "Dood you are stating the obvious thrown in with a mild dash of WTF you talkin bout Willis?!?"

Sleven2503d ago

I found you were repeating my words in your ways! lol

sikker442503d ago

monday i do chest back on monday
tuesday i do abs and kempo
wednesday i do yoga
friday i do cardio/kempo

4 days a week and thats it!

then you can play all of the games you want.