Quantic Dream Website Update on Ocotber 8th

The highly anticipated "Heavy Rain: The Origami killer" from French developers; Quantic Dream will arrive with new tidbits on Monday October 8th. As announced on their official website.

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Kokoro3939d ago

some big announcement were due a long time ago.

Violater3939d ago

Ps3 fans a storm is brewing.
And this is no one game storm like the one we saw last month.
This is a slew of original IP's.

Bathyj3939d ago

I love that word "Slew".

ShiftyLookingCow3939d ago

can't wait to see how Heavy Rain is coming together.


Heavy Rain not dead... checked
Afrika not dead... checked in TGS
Wardevil not dead... checked a week a go
Eight Days not dead... checked back in E3
Team Ico working... checked on OPM

If we put Final Fantasy VII remake (if it come someday) and God Of War 3 (it'll come, but when?) then we would have more than a heavy rain, we would have the complete storm in open sea.

unlimited3939d ago

yup im glad ps3 is getting some great exclusive..
im hyped for getaway 3 too..

jackdoe3939d ago

That is cool. Hopefully Remedy offers some Alan Wake info soon as well. I was really looking forward to those two games and they just vanished for a year.

Fade_Walker3939d ago

cant wait to see heavy rain, indigo prophecy was a awsome game!

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