The Overseas Connection Podcast #107

The Overseas Connection, the official Community podcast, pulls their act together and hunkers down for another podcast. Join Murphys Law, CPM1376, ChinnChinny and Skulduggerer as they call in the support troops for this weeks podcast. Topics Covered this week:

■We discuss our favorite Multiplayer game modes.
■Glasses free 3D gaming not feeling the love from Samsung.
■LG vs Sony…as the world turns.
■Motorstorm Apocalypse put on the back burner out of respect for Japan.
■Disney Interactive waves the magic wand and 80 employees vanish.
■EA sounds off on the validity of NPD reports.
■February NPD’s (like you thought we wouldn’t cover them?)
**We discuss the new contest and how to win a free game from Ninja Bee.

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MGRogue20172652d ago

Ah god.. This is so boring.. *yawn*

sorry to those that are actually enjoying this though.. >.>