Mercury Meltdown: Revolution Review

Mercury Meltdown Revolution takes a splat onto the Wii. Find out what TotalGamerZone has to say about it.

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Rooftrellen4065d ago

I might have to pick this up.

I noticed it, but it didn't look like too much to me, so I brushed it aside in my mind. However, the review makes it look pretty solid. I don't need fancy graphics on a puzzle game and I enjoy a good challenge, so it being hard is good for me...I actually miss the times of games that were hard enough that only a few people could beat them.

if I am correct this is also a cheaper game, like $20-30, so if I end up not liking it, no big loss.

cooke154065d ago

its actually 19.99. Gamespot reviewed it at 8.5, it seems to be getting a lot of 8+ reviews

cooke154065d ago

This is a definite buy for anyone who likes puzzle games at all.

madmaltese4065d ago

looks pretty decent. Might give it a rent. not like the wii has got much else to play

PS360WII4065d ago

Well I have one of these games on the PSP and it was a winner for sure. If it wasn't for my PSP version I'd be considering the Wii game.

orange144065d ago

Yeah, I've heard some pretty good things about this game. :]

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