Evony creator sues Modder for $825,000

The creators of an online fantasy world went to federal court today to demand $825,000, plus fees, from a Mt. Lebanon man who has eked out a living selling game-playing aids.

Philip James Holland, 23, was late for court, dressed in sweats, and legally outgunned today by Boston attorneys sent by New York-based Evony LLC and Regan Mercantile LLC. Those two firms created Evony, an online empire-building game that's free to play but that makes revenue selling short-cuts toward developing towns and armies.

Mr. Holland, in turn, created Xandium Studios, which, at the very least, sells a map of the vast online world that an estimated 2 million Evony players have developed. Evony has accused him of also offering programs called "bots" that automatically play the game, and a copycat alternative to their world.

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TheTorch2621d ago

LOL @ that photo. Why would anyone play something that reeks of low quality.

Jezuz2621d ago

Lame game? say it ain't so

Baka-akaB2621d ago

So basically the scammers got scammed .

NotSoSilentBob2621d ago

Wait so this is the Evony game that blitzed the online websites trying to use scantily clad woman to promote a game that was not all that good? Go modder.

radphil2621d ago

I dunno what's worse, Ebony creators suing this person, or the fact that people need bots to play the game. XD

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The story is too old to be commented.