AusGamers: Battlefield 3 Video Interview

AusGamers - had a chance to catch up with the king of first-person shooters at EA, Patrick Söderlund, to talk Battlefield 3...

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Hanif-8762531d ago

My most anticipated game of 2011!!!

GlowingPotato2531d ago

BF3 ... one day my son will hear about this, for sure.

And COD ? pure suckage!

cochise3132531d ago

This game is going to slaughter the mew COD. BC2 is still one of my favorite fps's.

esemce2531d ago

GOTY 2011 : UC3/Gears3/BF3 ? I'll have all 3 for sure. can't wait.

BlackKnight2531d ago

Look at that cross-platform love, specially if you are talking BF3 on PC. This is a gamer guys. Quit trying to act like your platform is perfect and the rest suck.

Play awesome games!!!!