Crytek on Crysis 2 PS3 Demo Connection Issues

"Cry-Tom", Community Manager for the MyCrysis forums has posted a notice in regards to the connection issues that many PS3 players are experiencing with the recently released Crysis 2 multiplayer PS3 demo..

"We understand that players are having technical issues with the PlayStation 3 Crysis 2 multiplayer demo and we are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. We apologize if it is affecting your experience and we appreciate your patience and support.

We will update this post with any relevant news."

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trounbyfire2684d ago

thats one reason i deleted it

RonRico2684d ago

Me too. Just like the AvP demo, never connected.

GlowingPotato2684d ago

Remember that PC version ? i couldn't connect ! 2 weeks with the demo i don't know how it is.

This is a joke.

1st. PC demo is a console Port with a lot of bugs. "Press Start to begin" (LOL)

2nd. PS3 is inferior to the other versions and now we have connection problems again.

3rd. ... I don't know... the game sucks ?

Got my 60 bucks back.. For real!

xAlmostPro2683d ago

So now it's actually the games fault and not the players NAT type like already stated? do crytek ever make there mind up..

Friends have been saying the demo isn't as bad as being made out, and recent comparisons(not by review sites but actual gamers) have shown the the ps3 version actually looks closer to the pc version that 360 which almost made this game jump back on my radar..

Then i played and of course got these connection issues, but crytek just keep talking crap and contradicting each other, for that reason im seriously thinking about passing on this game

meh, rant over :)

xtremegamerage2684d ago

Last night i tried it again on PS3, Was laggy as hell and the framerate was awful, tried it this morning and the framerate is smooth 30fps. I think the major problem is the buggy net code and memory issue.

I'm hoping this is fixed in the retail version.

TLG19912684d ago

yea these guys can make quality but fuck me they cant make a game stable, the pc version is only just right and it is awesome on there.

they need a lesson in some areas before they tackle it head on i think.

SnakeMustDie2684d ago

I am having connection problems with the PC demo. I only saw 1-3 servers and when I attempt to connect it's either the server is full or cannot connect to host.

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The story is too old to be commented.