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NowGamer - What is a PlayStation Hero? You might think it’s the people who’ve defined the PlayStation brand over the years. People like Lara Croft, Nathan Drake or Solid Snake, but in this instance it’s a trio of mascots more specifically associated with platform games of the PlayStation 2 era.

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-Mezzo-2560d ago

Well, the score is lower than expected, but this is just the First Review.

But even if it's Metacritic Stands at "5" i am getting this game.

Digitaldude2560d ago

Played the demo and it sucks so yeah...

malamdra2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

demo sucks, no doubt

ratchet can't jump, who had that brillant idea?

I think that the problem is that this game was sold as a kind of mixed of the gameplay styles of the original, which it would've been great, but in fact is just a collection of mini games

-Alpha2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

None of the talents of the original games are making this game to the best of my knowledge and it's fairly obvious that the developers are using the brand names just to draw in on the name.

I'm surprised to hear it's a bunch of minigames, thought it was an actual platforming adventure game.

The actual game could have been anybody's guess since the developers aren't exactly known for anything special, especially not the names they are using in this game

Wasn't expecting much to begin with, so not surprised.

MintBerryCrunch2560d ago

all those resources, and they could have been spent on a legit Jak & Daxter or Sly HD game

-Alpha2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )


Seems like it's just another showcase of the Move's motion, which we don't need more of.

Right now we need games that utilize the Move. We know what it can do, we need games to do it.

Hopeful for Sorcery though. Move must showcase Sorcery as opposed to Sorcery showcasing Move.

badz1492560d ago

I thought the demo was only to showcase what the game has to offer and there will be a decent story in the full game! it's just bunch of minigames like the demo afterall?!

WTF? they managed to somehow by non-founded logic to bring these guys together but can't even meshed up even a decent of the story to back up the game?? Ape Escape on the MOVE falls in the same category but at least they tried to put in a story inside, although still sucks though! :-(

ok, now I'm angry! btw Sony, while you're still suing happy at the moment, can you please sue this dev? they have successfully taint the great name of R&C, J&D and Cooper Gang!

DAMN, looks like I have to pass on this at the moment or just pick it up later when it's dirt cheap just for fun! :-(

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sikker442560d ago

playstation move is great tech, but im using it for killzone 3 and socom 4, its just a dudes opinion, he dont like it, lets move on...get it...move...ah forget it :)

Masterchef20072560d ago

I agree with you they should incorporate move into more games. What i would really like to do is play Dark Souls or Skyrym with the move controller. But the problem is that the Devs refuse to incorporate move into their games because to them its an extra cost.

callahan092559d ago

I played the "beta" that GameStop gave away access codes for about a month ago. It was *awful*. I had been really looking forward to this game, because I love these characters and the Move is a great, versatile, very accurate control device, so I had high hopes. But this game is an abomination. They somehow completely lost all of the charm of all of these wonderful characters. Somehow the voice acting is absolutely annoying and awful where I had expected it to be top-notch like in the series' past games. The design of it is just a couple of mini-games, very repetitious. The controls are HORRIBLE. I don't know how Sony takes this game as a flagship title for the Move controller which they've been spending a lot of money marketing (I see ads all over the place in GameStop and stuff), and just let it become such a low-budget, under-produced, under-developed chore of a game to play with unresponsive controls and annoying production design. Frankly, I'd give the game as low of a score as I possibly could just for bastardizing the good names of all the characters they plastered on the box and the motion controller itself (which this game does not utilize to any of its potentials, it controls like one of those early Wii mini-game compilations that were being shoveled onto shelves by third-party publishers nobody had ever heard of until the Wii came along).

phatak2559d ago

they should have just made it an action platformer. The sly section of the game was actually pretty decent but everything else about the demo was just crappy mini games

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Bigpappy2560d ago

There is no way all of those mini game are boring. I hope there is a demo so PS3 owners can try theh for themselves. Some of these reviewers have resentment for games that are not manly enough.

Nitrowolf22560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

i didn't like the demo so much, after playing it and seeing some more gameplay footage i figured it would play just like it was. IDK i wasn't expecting much from this game but at the same time i was still expecting some functionality of the characters to be just like there were in the actual games, and i think this is where most people are gonna end up being dissapointed. For example Sly Cooper doesn't play liek you would expect to play like, same with bently and the other characters.

Also there is a demo now for non PS Plus members

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Valay2560d ago

Well, that's disappointing. I was actually looking forward to this.

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