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NowGamer - From the moment it begins Homefront sets out to show that it’s different. Playing as helicopter pilot Robert Jacobs we find ourselves arrested by the Greater Korean Republic state police and thrown onto a bus to a labour camp.

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NukaCola2629d ago

This game was reviewed seperately for PS3 and 360. The PS3 version got a 6.9 and the Xbox version got a 7.0

Not explain how the graphics, sound, and gameplay are better on the 360. They are not at all. But the reviewer just reviewd it on his own opinion. You can't do that. The PS3 version isn't inferior, the guy just rated it seperately. So since both games are the same both games should get the same score. Also the PS3 version has more longevity according to the reviews. What gives? If one version is so significantly inferior, explain that. But this is now gamer. They probably gave the PS3 version to a sports fan or something. Scores should of been the same, what a BS scam from nowgamer.