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NowGamer - It’s a shame because Kaos clearly has the talent to expand on such ideas rather than just imitate them but too often its set pieces are retreads of those that came before it. If Homefront didn’t have any decent staged events of its own then fair enough, but the fact of the matter is it does.

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NukaCola2683d ago

This game was reviewed seperately for PS3 and 360. The PS3 version got a 6.9 and the Xbox version got a 7.0

Not explain how the graphics, sound, and gameplay are better on the 360. They are not at all. But the reviewer just reviewd it on his own opinion. You can't do that. The PS3 version isn't inferior, the guy just rated it seperately. So since both games are the same both games should get the same score. Also the PS3 version has more longevity according to the reviews. What gives? If one version is so significantly inferior, explain that. But this is now gamer. They probably gave the PS3 version to a sports fan or something. Scores should of been the same, what a BS scam from nowgamer.

sikker442683d ago

how? the ps3 version is the best version. did anyone see lens of truth? dear god, no offense to any 360 gamers out there but homefront for 360 looked downright pathetic.

NukaCola2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

It was weird. They had two guys review the games seperately. The game is better on PS3, but this is like having a sports fan review COD on PS3, and a Halo fan reviewing COD on 360...The shooter fan will probably like the 360 version and score a bit better, as the sports fan won't. Seems like a sneaky way to troll without coming off as biased.

DelbertGrady2683d ago

You mean the comparison where the PS3 had 2gb of the game installed and they too screenshots before the textures in the 360 version had loaded properly?

Yeah. That's credible. Why not install the game on the 360 as well, then compare. You say the game is better on the PS3 yet we haven't even seen it in motion on both consoles.

PS3 multiplat games that use UE3 are known to be inferior on the PS3 so I would be very surprised if that's not the case with Homefront.

As for the longevity, the 360 version gets an exclusive MP map and the PS3 doesn't. How does that give the PS3 version more longevity?

callahan092683d ago

"You say the game is better on the PS3 yet we haven't even seen it in motion on both consoles."

You say this like the game isn't out yet and the only footage we can see are the things made public by the developer/publisher. Uh. The game is out. We can see as much of it as we want, no problem.

sikker442683d ago

nuka cola....

BUBBLES. well said

2683d ago
Mysteriofoe2683d ago

Multiplayer does not even work properly.
Dedicated servers there is no need for this since internet speed has increased since 2002 so why doe we keep pushing this option down our throats
If we were able to host ourselves it would also resolve a lot of lag problems with people from abroad.
Why do we put up with games that are being released without a proper testing.
And what is the deal nowadays with the run and gun playstyle.
Whatever happend to matches of Siege Ghost Recon style.
Why doe we have to make everything look and play like Call of Duty.