NowGamer - Epic Games: Gears Of War 3 Interview

NowGamer - Executive Producer Rod Fergusson chats Gears, Call Of Duty, Vanquish and the future of videogames.

Would you agree this the first Gears Of War that balances campaign and multiplayer?

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Lich1202536d ago

Shooting with the shotgun coming out of roadie run is not cheap, it's fun. Why the hell do they seem to think gimping a control that everyone expects to be able to do is a good idea?

sethbalmore2536d ago

that's what happens when bad players cry about getting worked over. they can't compete so they go cry on the forums enough for epic to change gameplay to suit their shitty skills.

Lich1202535d ago

I really wonder if this is what happened. I mean, I have a hard time seeing this point of view, considering the number of fans Epic lost with gears 2. The number one reason (and the reason that still persists after the numerous patching) is the games sluggish controls.

I agree with you though after reading the article that it seams like they're just listening to their shitty fans. Any experienced Gears 1 player (who played with a solid group of 4) will tell you that lancering was extremely viable and often the best tactic. It was very balanced with heavy shotgun play, so much so that in Gears 1 if you started to lancer people would call you cheap.

Fuck, now Im really worried about how much Im going to hate Gears 3 even though gears 1 is easily my favorite game this generation. (excluding PC games, because Im all about the Starcraft 2 lol)