Blog: The future of gaming ‘looks’ real [MEGamers]

In this blog, MEGamers discusses how 'possible' CGI graphics were on current generation of hardware and how we, at least this writer, is ready for the next generation of engines and the nex-gen of consoles.

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sikker442684d ago

i cant wait for playstation 4, i can only imagine how good the games are going to look.

WhiteNoise2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I reckon!!!

They'll probably look about half as good as the PC games of the time at half the res and half the frame rate at half the draw distance with half the effects with half the resolution textures and shadows.

PS4; play beyond!

( I can't wait until next gen when console gamers convince themselves that consoles are better than PC all over again ).


U delusional.

sikker442684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

lmao, u mad

Paladz2684d ago

No Sikker44, hes not mad, he's right. Console will always be shit compared to PC, get it right kiddo.

Enjoy ur shit graphics & shit dumbed down auto-aim gameplay on Xfaggot360 or LateStation 3/4 while I cruise 1080p max reso AA like a fucking boss.

NukaCola2684d ago


Other than Crysis, what game looks better on PC than Uncharted 2 on PS3?

cakeisalie2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Lol sikker, you ready to be fed with Sonys crap all over again?

Remember the time they promised you 120fps in games yet it never materialized.

Be ready to be fed more crap when PS4 is about to be launch. It will come equipped with PC left overs just like the PS3 lol.


Almost every multiplat puts uncharted 2 to shame on PC.

Farcry 2, Assasins creed, Tombraider underworld, Stalker. I could keep going on.

2684d ago
Ranshak2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )


Will be funny if everything bought this gen has to be repurchased next gen as 1080p HD collection lol, since Current games may not work.

Console makers may end up deciding to call that BC rofl.


Crysis was released in 2007, there yet isnt a console game that can top that one. You are deluding yourself if you think so.

A PC equipped with a 8800gtx back in 2007 will easily outperform whatever consoles can do today. It played Crysis back in 2007 in 1080p gamer settings. Consoles today with a dumbed down crysis 2 are Sub HD. No ones comparing current high end or midrange to consoles that comparison would be very unfair, 3-4 yr old GPUS are more then enough to out do consoles.

2684d ago
imvix2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )


Why compare PC games from 2006-07 when the gap was obviously not as big as it is today.

Heres a link from Stalker COP Mod Atomosfear, let me know if any console game of today has anything close to this while being open world:

Or let us know when a racing game on console runs like this:

Hell even sports game like Fifa on PC can be different:

Edit: Many people may not have been able to max out Crysis 1 when it first came out, however it was playable on a 7800gtx(console equivialant hardeware) in 1024*768 low to med settings something like what consoles play most of their games at. Crysis 2 on console is sub hd.

However thats the beauty of the PC gaming platform. When i first played crysis i played it in 1024*768. in 2009 i played it in 1080p maxed out. Today i am playing it in 5760*1080 on my SLI 580GTX setup. With console the game that you buy back in 2006 played today is the same. With PC its an upgrade played later.

Thing is when it comes to PC gaming everyone would like to play the game at max settings, which is why people complained about Crysis having high requirements. When the same game is rolled out console, most consolers never have had the liberty of making things better, they will play it just the way the developer wants them to, be it 720p or sub hd low FPS they dont have a choice basically. With PC since people know they do have a choice they would rather upgrade play the game maxed out.


Sure if you completely run it on low to med settings with no AA it will do 25-30fps on a 7800gtx. Check out Crysis 2 on console(which is a much smaller game then Crysis taking away all the open world), it runs in subhd PS3 version even has FPS issues. Same way a 7800GTX today would play crysis 2 in simular settings to what a PS3 can. Crysis 1 would be low/mid settings since its a more demanding game.

2684d ago
Ranshak2684d ago


Stop making yourself look like an idiot. Any of the console games that you mentioned

Gears of war 2/3, KZ 2/3, Uncharted are all linear games at best.

Crysis 1 from 2007 Indeed does have multiple times the Resolution, Texture, Drawdistance and FPS given sufficient hardware.

Yes if Crysis 1 is played with console level hardware it will play in 1024*768 @ 25-30fps. Guess why it was never released for console?

Crytek themselves mentioned Crysis is not possible on console. Why was it?

Because it featured an open world, with an insane about of things going on. Which is why when Crysis 2 was released it had to be dumbed down so it could run on console as well.

Crytek probably didnt release Crysis 1 on console because it would have been running in the above settings like a 7800GTX, then consolers would be crying about bad frame rate and low resolutions. However as mentioned given enough resources Crysis is techically superior to any console game out today. If its going to run and look better then console games then obviously its going to demand better hardware too, there is no question of running it maxed out on console level hardware like a 7800GTX.

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Stealth20k2684d ago

real and boring has hell. Shooter after shooter with realisti graphics were gameplay and art style and story mean nothing

cakeisalie2684d ago

You want something fresh, check out Garry's mod. Its cheap people there have all sort of games made with new ideas that developers at Activision, EA will never think of, why?

Because they would rather keep rehashing the same crap that they do have, until they end up killing the franchise.

Great games like Portal came up from the modding community. Devs at EA, Activision even console first party do not like to provide the freedom for users to create mods since that would extend the lives of games and compromise future sales of rehashes. Hence by blocking a modding community they also compromise any chances of anything creative happening.

zackacloud2684d ago

I want than FFXIII CG quality and details become a gameplay

shooter shooter shooter shooter and shooter

please i have fun with PS1 games than shooters


I want FFVII-2 or remake on next gen with than that (but i believe that hard right now because of tsunami )