GamesRadar - The Best Videogame Stories Ever

GamesRadar - Whoever said videogames have no cultural value needs a shot in the mouth - or they need to sit down with The Longest Journey, Metal Gear Solid or any of the other games on our list of Best Videogame Stories EVER.

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Kos-Mos2655d ago

This list can be easily made just taking a quick look at some reviews here and there.
Why Xenogears, Xenosaga, Metal Gear Solid 2,3,4 is not on the list, I don`t know.
Maybe they didn`t understand the story in those games? A little too deep for teenbrains perhaps? A lot easier with gta`s trashy mafia clichè stories perhaps?
And why isn`t mass effect there? Western people with average IQ and EQ loves that story.
I was surprised they pushed in one of the greatest games ever made Final Fantasy VI though.
Silent Hill 2 (I loved it) is also a surprise. But it got a lot of "cut me arm with a knife because I`m so depressed and need attention" fans.