The Koalition Homefront (PC) Review: War In The Pocket

Do you like Battlefield 2? Do you like Modern Warfare? Well then, Homefront might be the game for you. KAOS Studios has managed to user their past experience of working on Desert Combat and Frontlines to create a very cohesive shooter that fixes the ground combat problem of the mainline Battlefield series by making it much more fluid and fast, while still keeping all of the strong vehicle combat and open maps that were lost in the Bad Company series. It’s the best of both worlds and everything pulled off fairly well at the end of the day.

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trainsinrdr2537d ago

ok we've seen it all now the fps genre really doesnt have anything else to offer atleast warwise.
maybe in the future they could do a horror kinda game like 16 players enter a mansion that is haunted and they have to work together to find a way out and there is no respawning and at certain points you all get split up on different storys and you must find some of your friends o and the maps are huge and take up to 2-hours to complete.
awww i can only dream :(