IGN - The Global Battle of Conduit 2

IGN - This time the war spreads across the entire world. Check out the latest trailer for the Wii's FPS exclusive.

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christheredhead2680d ago

looks good. cant wait to play it.

BiggCMan2680d ago

Yea same here man. I loved The Conduit a whole lot. I thought the story was pretty good, it kept my attention anyways. The gameplay was solid, the unique weapons were loads of fun, the multiplayer was great. The only thing about number 2 that has me worried are the graphics. For some reason, every video I have seen they look like they took a small step back from the first game. Does anyone else think so? Maybe because I play on component cables and not composite i'm not sure, but I do think the first looked a little better graphically.

christheredhead2680d ago

yah it looks like a slight step back from conduit 1. i think its cause the game is much larger in scale and that goes for both the single player and multiplayer. especially the multiplayer, im stunned as to how much they have actually added as its quite a lot. there is supposed to be double of just about everything from the 1st so im sure that maybe put a hit on the graphics. yet thats fine for me. if they can give me double the content but in turn have to tone down the graphics, im ok with that you know.

ChickeyCantor2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

How can it look better, while this is build further on that?
I think your perception on this game is different cause there is more on screen which makes other stuff noticeable.


They improved the engine, they already tackled the problem with larger areas.

Kingdom Come2680d ago

High Voltage need more credit for this franchise. The Wii is MADE for FPS titles, yet few have stepped forward to do so...