Crysis 2 XBOX 360 vs PS3 vs PC: Comparison Video (1080p)

Below we show the differences between each of the versions of crysis 2 using as a means of videos taken in 1080, comparisons will be between Xbox 360, PC and PS3 as follows first compare the 3 together after the 2 best versions 3, as follows the console versions and finally the best version of the 3 versions that there will be, here we let our comparison chart of Crysis 2.

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antoniomt2500d ago

crysis 2 will kick ass...:=)

Joni-Ice2500d ago

I dont see a difference between the PS3 and 360 however I do see a difference with the PC version.

MaxXAttaxX2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

The PS3 version resembles the PC version a lot more closely than the 360!

PC and PS3 are very similar in contrast levels, details and lighting:
Exhibit A: http://www.videogameszone.d...
Exhibit B: http://www.videogameszone.d...
You'll notice that the 360 version is overly dark in shaded areas, hiding detail, and overly bright on certain light areas.
And I'm not just talking about Crysis 2.

Also, observe reflections and lighting.
Another example of over-bright.

Over-saturation and dark contrast ≠ better graphics. They're not really good visual attributes. But many people tend to not understand this when comparing.

leotorrentes2500d ago

i dont think is gonna be as shocking as the first one

therapist2500d ago

that pc from the end video is also a low-mid range pc and looks ssoooo much better

imagine on a nice sli rig, with an i-7

Mister_G2500d ago

After playing the demo I'd have to say that Killzone 3 is better, much better.

I know it's slightly unfair to compare a finished game to a demo, but experience tells me that Crysis 2 won't change THAT much better now and release.

Joni-Ice2500d ago

Well Killzone 3 beta looks better than Crysis 2 demo.