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One of the highest rated PlayStation 3 games is Demon's Souls, a game which successfully fuses stylish Gothic horror with rock-hard gameplay and brilliantly realised action. It was a sleeper hit and while it has sold nowhere near as many units as the likes of Final Fantasy XIII, it should end up in most people’s list of top 20 or 30 games on the console.

It also was successful enough to see a sequel, Dark Souls, which is now quite possibly the most anticipated game for PS3 RPG fans.

What people might not realise is that both Dark Souls and Demon's Souls are spiritual sequels to one of the most underrated RPG series’ in console history.

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EVILDEAD3602535d ago

I was a HUGE King's Field fan, which was why I was drawn to Demons Souls. It's a spiritual successor. Back then the first person view was revolutionary for RPGs. But the idiotic critics kept whining at how slow it was. Fast forward and it's clear the game was ahead of it's time...


midgard2272534d ago

heck yeah dude! i loved that game, i remember when i was retarded and sold the excalibur cuz i thought it sucked just to find out it was the best sword in the game hahaa.

game was awesome, difficult, and had an atmosphere like no other game till demon's souls came around.

DatNJDom812534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Dark Soul is not a sequel to Demon's Souls. The "journalist" should fix that.

You are right though King's Field was a beast.

MattS2534d ago

Apologies, DatNJDom81, that should read 'spiritual sequel'

Thanks for pointing it out!

DatNJDom812534d ago

No problem MattS. Here to help.

Anon19742534d ago

I loved King's Field, and yeah it was a little slow but I never felt it detracted from the game at all. At any rate, I never knew that Atlus was behind King's Field and playing Demon Soul's, I couldn't put my finger on it but there was just something about the game that reminded me of the old King's Field game. I even commented about that fact to my wife (who replied "Yes dear.") I hadn't even thought of King's Field for years, but once I got into Demon Soul's, there was just something so familiar about it. It was only later that I discovered they were both by the same maker. I still can't put my finger on exactly how they felt the same - they just did.

Silly Mammo2534d ago

I remember playing the first King's Field and really enjoying it. Yes, it was very ahead of it's time.

paracardium2534d ago

King's field 1 and 2 were outstanding...hope they make another some day.

Dark_king2534d ago

absolutely loved the king's field games.2 was my favorite of the series loved the idea of a sword that grew stronger as you used it.It looked cool as hell maxed but took some work to get it there.Was a great game with a great story and lots of hidden items.I loved that you could kill NPC to,just be sure you don't need to talk to them again or your screwed.

rayzorn2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

i really enjoyed kings field. but right around the same time stonekeep and daggerfall came out for the pc and i liked both of them better. i did enjoey both kings field 1 and 2 though never played any of the rest.

im surprised so many people on this thread have even played kingsfield seems like most of these threads are of younger people.

on another note i had no clue demonsouls was any kind of 'spiritual sequel' of kingsfield.

i think im in the minority here but i never really got into demonsoul. wasnt my cup of tea. i think i made it to just past that bridge where the dragon swopes down and spews fire at you.

i also didnt like oblivion as much as daggerfall and morrowind either though. heres to hoping skyrim is better
and has more variety. those oblivion gates all looked the same after i did one the rest where just anoying.

just my 2 cents take it or leave it

Dark_king2534d ago

There are older gamers here to they just get there comments buried under stupid mines bigger then yours comments.Notice not one flaming comment on this article.