Cosplay Spotlight: Mordin Solus (Mass Effect 2)

RipTen: I don’t know what is about PAX, but it always seems to lure out some of the greatest cosplay. On the west coast at PAX Prime, we ran into the Turian sniper Garrus Vakarian. Now, in the wake of PAX East, we have found another hero of Mass Effect 2. He talks fast and kills even faster. He’s a walking medical guide book for space STDs. His xenospecies studies range from urban to agrarian. He’s the very model of a scientist Salarian. He’s Mordin Solus!

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CrzyFooL2564d ago

Wow. That guy has way too much time on his hands. Awesome however. Very awesome.

jaredhart2564d ago

Pretty effing sweet!! Would hate to have to wear it though.

Sigmarue2564d ago

He's pretty much blind in that thing. Dedication, man.

bfenty2564d ago

Sweet cosplay from my favorite game

candybeans2564d ago

That had to get warm. O.o

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