MotorStorm: Apocalypse demo delayed in the U.S.

The one-week GameStop-exclusive demo for MotorStorm: Apocalypse that was supposed to go live yesterday has been delayed indefinitely.

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BiggCMan2406d ago

Ahh ok, the code I got from Gamestop in my email wasn't working, at least I know why. I thought there was a problem with it or something. Not a huge issue for me, maybe for others who are really big fans.

Static-X2406d ago

Just create a EU account :)

BiggCMan2406d ago

Oh I've had one for a long time, I just didn't know the demo was out there. Thank you, I will get it now.

rajman2406d ago

Its been taken off the EU store

BiggCMan2406d ago

Oh damn, alright thanks for the heads up. I'll just wait for the code to work.

Static-X2406d ago

Really? Glad I downloaded it in time then I suppose...

xTruthx2406d ago

Thank god I downloaded it in time lol

HebrewHammer2406d ago

I emailed GameStop and asked why they promote the demo as being available on 3/15 when that clearly wasn't the case. They said it had to do with "the tragic events in Japan." I sent them a reply asking wtf Motorstorm Apocalypse has to do with Japan LOL

kasasensei2406d ago

Maybe you should read the news? In case you didn't notice it's apocalypse right now in Japan. The radioactive cloud from Fukushima will cross your country in a few days anyway, ignorance is bliss.

HebrewHammer2405d ago

Again, wtf does that have to do with Motorstorm. Makes no sense. Instead of being a prick, give me a reason to understand why Japanese events affect the release of a GameStop demo in the US...

Bathyj2406d ago

The funny thing is, of all places, Australia already has the full retail game.

jay22406d ago

God, this is just getting stupid.