The unbalanced depictions of war games

Are video-game representations of foreign cultures unbalanced -- and perhaps dangerously essentialist?

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SybaRat2651d ago

I'm just waiting for the game that lets me wipe out Finland, because they SO have it coming.

choadley2651d ago

Looking over the timeline of Homefront, the obvious jingoism of the game is tempered by the fact that in order to reach Homefront's premise the entire world has to make countless stupid decisions for the next 20 years. Still, I don't care when creators simplify real-life conflicts into "us vs. them."

Ducky2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

... What's the article about again?

From what I remember, Homefront depicted a group of Americans as being just as heartless as the koreans (if not more so).
They still played on stereotypes, but meh.

I guess games could use a bit more dynamic story-telling instead of the static we-are-good they-are-bad from start to finish. Doesn't have to be on the same level as MGS where the line is blurred into a weak gradient but maybe not demonize one side completely.

Still I don't think there's anything too wrong with the depiction.

Syaz12651d ago

well, when it's from the american side of the story, obviously only the good stuff would be shown, same for otherwise.

truth is, in war, everyone's a murderer. only the winner will be bestowed with the title of "hero".