10 Hardest Xbox 360 Achievements

SegmentNext - "Getting achievements in a game is very satisfying, at the same time it can be the most annoyingly tormenting task you’ve given yourself. It’s no surprise if the attempt to unlock achievements ends up with red-hot ears and a few chunks of hair in your hands. Here are what we think the top ten of the toughest and galling achievements in Xbox 360 games".

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Ziriux1962d ago

Any call of duty game on veteran difficulty is fucken hard.

electricshadow1962d ago

I've done it for World at War and Black Ops. It just takes time. The A.I. in the games aren't that hard, they're just cheap. So many grenades in World at War. I swear they were heat-seeking.

iamgoatman1962d ago

World at War was the only COD that I've failed to beat on veteran, just because of the grenade spamming. Got stuck at the beginning of that rainy level where people jump out from their hiding places, tried dozens of times and barely survived longer than a few seconds.

Theyellowflash301962d ago

Please try beating challenge mode on Vanquish. That kills any COD

strawberry91962d ago

Seriously > Seriously 2.0

I disagree with 10 completely. I got seriously 2.0, and the level 100 in gears 2 was much harder

Evil_Ghosty1962d ago

I'm certain that Seriously 2.0 wasn't just ranked MP kills. Didn't it include campaign kills as well?
Seriously 1.0 was harder I agree.

Drjft1962d ago

Yeah - glad to see these people researched their shit. You could do Seriously 2.0 anywhere, not just in MP.

BLAKHOODe1962d ago

I'm just wondering what Epic has in mind for Seriously 3.0 for Gears 3. (Oh, you know it's coming!)

MajestieBeast1962d ago

I got a hard achievement right here. High five!

iamgoatman1962d ago

I've got 9 and 4. Go me.

IHateYouFanboys1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

ive got:

5. Guitar Hero 3 – The Inhuman Achievement

but thats it from that list. Seriously 2.0 also counts kills in the campaign and horde now though, so thats cheapened it a bit.

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