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10 Hardest Xbox 360 Achievements

SegmentNext - "Getting achievements in a game is very satisfying, at the same time it can be the most annoyingly tormenting task you’ve given yourself. It’s no surprise if the attempt to unlock achievements ends up with red-hot ears and a few chunks of hair in your hands. Here are what we think the top ten of the toughest and galling achievements in Xbox 360 games". (Xbox 360)

Ziriux  +   1568d ago
Any call of duty game on veteran difficulty is fucken hard.
electricshadow  +   1568d ago
I've done it for World at War and Black Ops. It just takes time. The A.I. in the games aren't that hard, they're just cheap. So many grenades in World at War. I swear they were heat-seeking.
iamgoatman  +   1568d ago
World at War was the only COD that I've failed to beat on veteran, just because of the grenade spamming. Got stuck at the beginning of that rainy level where people jump out from their hiding places, tried dozens of times and barely survived longer than a few seconds.
Theyellowflash30  +   1568d ago
Please try beating challenge mode on Vanquish. That kills any COD
strawberry9  +   1568d ago
Seriously > Seriously 2.0

I disagree with 10 completely. I got seriously 2.0, and the level 100 in gears 2 was much harder
Evil_Ghosty  +   1568d ago
I'm certain that Seriously 2.0 wasn't just ranked MP kills. Didn't it include campaign kills as well?
Seriously 1.0 was harder I agree.
Drjft  +   1568d ago
Yeah - glad to see these people researched their shit. You could do Seriously 2.0 anywhere, not just in MP.
BLAKHOODe  +   1568d ago
I'm just wondering what Epic has in mind for Seriously 3.0 for Gears 3. (Oh, you know it's coming!)
MajestieBeast  +   1568d ago
I got a hard achievement right here. High five!
iamgoatman  +   1568d ago
I've got 9 and 4. Go me.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1568d ago
ive got:

5. Guitar Hero 3 – The Inhuman Achievement

but thats it from that list. Seriously 2.0 also counts kills in the campaign and horde now though, so thats cheapened it a bit.
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acemonkey  +   1568d ago
Disagree with most with them. Cant say nothing about GH games since i never played them but the rest on that list wasn't hard to get. that 7days on Dead Rising was hard because you had to play 16hours or more straight.
Goldenarmz  +   1568d ago
so i take it you got all 10 of these????
joab777  +   1568d ago
I must say that the achievement for lost planet 2 for being #1 in the world for a particular challenge is pretty hard, especially if ppl hack the leaderboards and make it impossible. Also, i know that this is Xbox, but killzone 2 on elite difficulty is like cod4 on steroids, or if it had another level of difficulty. Also, the challenge rooms for arkham asylum weren't easy at all. And yes seriously 2.0 could b got in campaign, using vehicles. Its similar to left 4 dead, just continuously kill stuff. Lost planet 2 on the whole, 1000 gamerpoints took months and months of playing everyday to get every damn medal.
sikker44  +   1568d ago
guitar hero 3 achievement for xbox is pretty hard
sethbalmore  +   1568d ago
in my opinion all these should be FFXI achievements

the hardest one is probably

Mercenary Rank 40
Achieved the highest mercenary rank.
Obtain a relic weapon and upgrade it to it's max level.

the roadmap also suggest it will take 2-8years to 1250/1250 this game

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