Jack Thompson Threatens Gabe Newell Over School Shooter Mod


"I’ll cut to the chase: we all collectively dislike Jack Thompson.

"But don’t worry, guys and gals, he’s still around.

"Well, Mr. Thompson, disbarred for life, has taken it upon himself to correct this mistake [School Shooter], by all means available to him, going so far as to threaten Gabe Newell."

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MultiConsoleGamer2533d ago

For goodness sake this guy never quits.

Freaking attention whore.

Proeliator2533d ago

I don't know if those "letters" he sent will even be looked at.

He's disbarred, and really has no power (or respect) left.

Nitrowolf22533d ago

lol i really hope Valve sends him something funny.
Well i do have to agree this mod is a bit taking things far, but idk is valve really responsible for it???? Just a question.

distorted_reality2533d ago

Valve has no responsibility whatsoever, and realistically can do nothing about the mod itself. They can keep it off Steam, but can't stop the mod being played.

badz1492533d ago

but this is just ridiculous! blame who made the mod not the game/engine maker himself! shame on you, JT!

gaminoz2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Totally agree with you. If I was Valve I'd send a 'thanks for nothing' note to the modders.

"Half-Life murder simulator" hmmm

krouse932533d ago


If I were Valve. I'd send him a reply back that was both witty and insulting to his intelligence and lack thereof.

REALgamer2533d ago

Well, did you know that most perpetrators of school shootings travelled there by car or bus?! These terrible modes of transport are murder-enablers! Henry Ford should be ashamed of himself for inventing such things!

See, I can make leaps of logic too! I can haz law degree now?

badz1492533d ago

"I can haz law degree now?" - NO because you spelled "have" as "haz" - LOL! :-P

joking aside, agreed to all of you!

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zeal0us2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

So this guy is getting at gabe but not the modder? wtf?
wow I bet this guy(jack) goes to wal-mart/gamestop or any video-game retail shoutting jackass(getit?)-ness bout mature games.

ship this guy to japan nuclear plant I bet his ego could subdue the meltdown.

I don't who I hate more Jack thompson or Fox news "fair" game review(by fair I mean one-side f'up bs)

Paladz2533d ago

Valve doesn't have any legal responsibility. They have a moral responsibility.

Their mod tools allow this to be created, thus they should look at what harm this game causes and I would say that this is some pretty fucked up shit, I mean - A school shooter mod? What redneck american makes this shit?

Valve should simply put out an official statement that anyone playing this mod will have their steam account permanently banned and all their games removed/Cd-keys made invalid.

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XboxOZ3602533d ago

Thing is, ppl like this STILL get the public's attention, and often their following and sympathy.

Which is WHY they do it all the more, even though they might well be discredited, as he is officially now.

It creates public interest, and it's the minority that often has the most affect on the world around us, sadly.

NYC_Gamer2533d ago

crazy jack strikes again

Geralt2533d ago

He's doing this for the children, guys!

---stone---2533d ago

As the late great George Carlin once said..."Fuck the children." xD

I cant wait for a sweatshop simulator. I would love to unleash my inner Kathy Lee Gifford/Nike/Reebok/Celebrity Clothing/etc line in a virtual world. The only water they can drink is the sweat off their bodies, and the only food they can eat is their toenails...back to work!!!!

Gen0ne2533d ago

Haha! He did say that! And well... yes.

GSpartan7772533d ago

Gable Newell is too cool to care.

BK-2012533d ago

He is too busy eating to care or to give us a half-life 3.

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