New XNA physics engine launched

FarseerPhysics available for PC and Xbox 360.

FarseerPhysics, a new 2D physics engine for XNA, has just been released.

The open-source engine works on both PC and Xbox 360, and also works with Microsoft's Silverlight browser-based multimedia platform.

The engine supports convex collision polygons, linear and angular springs and four types of joints.

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Bolts4065d ago

I didn't know there is a need for such a pointless thing as 2D physics.

BIadestarX4065d ago

not everything needs to be done in 3D... side scroller, 2D RPGs... most XBOX live games are 2Ds...
By the way... I've being playing with Silverlight and it has a lot of potential in the game industry... many people think Silverlight got nothing on flash simply because... yeah... the typical hate against everything that's done against microsoft... but Action script is interpreted and far from being Object Oriented Programming... and before someone comes and tries to lecture me about Action Script... I write Action Script... well... if you know javascript ... action script very easy... anyways... Silverlight excecute compile code and since it runs on top of the .net framework than that means.. applications can be written using fully OOP .net compliant languages like and C#... that means all the advantages of inheritance, Polymorphism and even Generics.... Also, the use of external libraries like XNA, DirectX, etc.... The other key benefit of silverligh non existent with Technologies like Flash.. is that it can use WPF... meaning... it does not have to transmit data only through HTTP.... its possible to write a game that uses uses a different transmition protocol like UDP... which is very important for game development.
Expect lots of full blown games to be made using silverlight... specially since it was designed to deliver madia... such as streaming video even without the need of a media player on the client machine.
Ok... let me shut up before I make Sony fanboys mad... after all Silverlight was created by Microsoft... and it's me saying it... two things fanboys hate... lol.

riksweeney4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

Since you're such an MS fanboy, could you have a look and see if they have an article about making something readable?

BIadestarX4065d ago

what did I say that was wrong? ohh wait... it's not that... it bothers you that this is for XNA... yeah.... Microsoft's technology... and you don't want me to talk about a microsoft technology on a microsoft related article... get it... that makes me a Microsoft fanboy... sadly.. this so call fanboy knows about the non-microsoft technologies, languages and tools... so... I'm like a mix of all... come on... challege me... can you bring something other than personal attacks just because I can lecture you in your own grown?

You just another hater... correct my comment... challenge me... or simply sit on the sideline and let the ones that know about a particular topic do the talking... you may learn something new.