Are the Reviews to Blame for the Sudden Price Drop of Homefront?

Conflicting Gamers - "Wow…already? It seems retailers have started panicking about the reviews for THQ’s newest release, Homefront. After mixed reviews started coming out, and then THQ’s stock took a dive, it looks as if some retailers are trying to unload their copies of Homefront!"

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chasegarcia2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I think THQ lower the price to ride the hype train and get people to try it so they can milk the franchise later on.

-I also don't think the $60 price point is going to last. It back fired on publishers. More consumer are buying games used it seems

fromasterjay2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I never buy games day one anymore...I will ALWAYS wait. Most games are discounted within a few weeks of release!

KillerBBs2530d ago

Smart! Wanta buy a copy of Home fc from me.

SeNiLesBack2530d ago

Wow, sux for those that bought day one. Actually,for those that bought day one, go in an get a pricematch. If they don't match it, buy at the discounted rate and once you receive it, return the sealed copy.

SeNiLesBack2530d ago

Hahaha, a disagree... OK then, don't get a deal, head to BestBuy or GameStop and pay FULL price!!

Shackdaddy8362530d ago

I just disagreed cus it wasn't a bad deal for me... 50 bucks for two games and an extra hat for TF2 isn't bad for me...

Kakihara2530d ago

I was actually interested in this when I first heard about the plot. I've always been a big fan of anything to do with North Korea (since it's basically a George Orwell book come to life and is as fascinating as it is terrifying) and I kinda fell for the hype that this game was going to be fully grounded in realism without cheeseball characters or over the top moments.

The moment it changed for me is when I saw the little intro movie which, let's face it, is a full on rip off of the Call of duty franchise. I'm talking about the montage of real film clips with little two tone animation. It could be ripped from a Call of duty game. It's such a shame, they could've done something great with this game.

plb2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Tbh it is pretty odd. Never seen a price drop day 2 regardless of bad reviews.

CrzyFooL2530d ago

the scores arent even that low and it's sold like 400,000 copies already!! Ya'll are insane!

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