New and sexy ways to play Flower on PS3

The comedic team at ServerCrashers finds new and sexy ways to play ThatGameCompany’s game Flower for the PS3 poking fun at the recent Ubisoft game commercial for Wii Dare.

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Joni-Ice2678d ago

Funny Video. Flower is still one of my favorite games. Cant wait for Journey.

erathaol2678d ago

Same. Its the game that inspires hope for the future of games and its also made me want join the video game development process even if I have no skills of my own right now.

ThatGameCompany posted this video on their facebook yesterday.

Two of my favorite things of the video are...

1. The ability to now refer to the sixaxis as the sexaxis.

2. Garrett of Mega64 as the last testimonial. I went fangirl when I saw him pop up. So glad did a cameo for these guys.


PinkFunk2678d ago

That's cool. I enjoyed flower quite a bit, and consider myself very optimistic for the direction of interactive arts. Imagine Manet's "Dejeuner sur l'herbe" in interactive 3D space. Far out.

Godmars2902678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

For some reason, this just feels appropriate. Even if it has bad language:

(You know, on the premise that mankind is no longer fit to live? Just saying.

Xof2678d ago

My first thought: "This isn't very funny."
My second thought: "Where do you buy prop guns, anyway?"
My third thought: "What if it's not a prop?"
My fourth thought: "That was profoundly unfunny."

olLANDSHARKlo2678d ago

How can anybody get into this game, it has gotta be the stupidest game I have ever seen, and I'm talking about the actual game not this video.

Galvanise_2678d ago

It is more of an experience than a game. Feeling one with the environment, causing musical cues, painting the landscape with light and bringing colour back to the world after the greys of the cityscape had encroached upon the natural environment etc are all great aspects of Flower. Its different and its great because of those differences.

Dark_king2678d ago

Beautiful comment.Flower is a work of art and should be treated as such.

Shazz2678d ago

play shooters do you ?

Joni-Ice2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

How can anybody get into this game you ask? Its very easy depending on the person. For example, comparing it to music, to me Flower is like a Symphony playing a great piece of music thats so relaxing. It gives me a break between games like shooters etc. If your into one type of game like shooters, then maybe Flower is not for you. I like All types of Games and Music. I try to have an open mind when experiencing it. Try to see and feel where the developer was going when they created the game.

EDIT: And the Soundtrack of Flower is AMAZING.

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