GameCentral: Homefront Review

GameCentral writes "North Korea has invaded America and it's down to you to drive them out. But will you find the enthusiasm to help in this latest attempt at a Call Of Duty clone."

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sikker442650d ago

im really looking forward to this game, medicore scores or not hehe. and 5 out of 10 aint bad...its medicore. ;) hehe

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alcapwn1802650d ago

So any game that is a shooter is now a Call of Duty clone? Makes no sense. I hate reviewers now a days. This game stands out. Has a short campaign just like CoD and BFBC2. Has great multiplayer, even tho they need more servers. But still they made a great game. At least an 8/10. Ridiculous review.

SpitFireAce852650d ago

Right on man just played for 2 hours got to rank 8..
its a lot of fun..they just need to patch a few things
like when me and my friends make a party we cant join one of us gets in a game lobby and then
we follow him in...

PS.No lag,no random disconnects,no host migration
I also love the BP points its a lot of fun to use
them wisely of course..

alcapwn1802650d ago

Yea, my buddy and I tried getting in a game and he joined but I stayed back in the lobby :(. Other than that anything you said in that comment is what I love about it. I just submitted a review over the game and hope it gets approved!

GrumpyVeteran2650d ago

Has anyone found the details of that EDGE review yet?

They also gave it a 5/10

Philaroni2650d ago

I don't get what reviewers are doing, the game is much better then that, the online is great and very fun and the SP is well done, they gave a good feeling that you where in the US in an occupation. The Sound Design is amazing, the weapons feel like they have power to them, that and some of the effects from bombs and what not are done well also.

Other then the first day (Which btw every shooter has online issues day one) I'v not had any lag or nothing. The game uses dedicated servers in case people forgot.

I'd give the game a solid 8/10. Its very good for the first entry in the series. And considering the last game they made was Frontlines Fules of war. It is even better for being only there second game this gen, and first PS3 game I be leave as well.

For anyone that has yet to play it go in with an open mind, don't listen to reviewers, they lost there way a long time ago. I hope the next game takes a page from the game Freedom Fighters if Homefront's SP is guilty of anything it is that it is trying to be something both emotional and recognizable.