IGN: Total War: Shogun 2 Review

Longtime fans will surely find a lot that's familiar in Shogun 2, but will also find Creative Assembly's most polished, well-presented and playable version of its Total War franchise. Shogun 2 is an expertly tuned turn-based strategy game filled with exhilarating real-time tactical battles against a capable artificial intelligence or others online. With a gigantic multiplayer suite and fantastic visuals and sound, Shogun 2 is a high point for the Total War series, featuring a staggering attention to detail and immensely satisfying gameplay.

Presentation - 9.5
Gameplay - 9.0
Lasting Appeal - 9.5
Gameplay - 9.0
Lasting Appeal - 9.0

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BeastlyRig2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

I might be wrong but this game is the highest rated of the month!!

I get all 9s so far!!

PC is so great this year!!

I can't wait to see the sales numbers for this amazing game!!

LightofDarkness2650d ago



Not needed.

lord_of_balrogs2650d ago

"Breaking from the complexity of Empire: Total War, Creative Assembly trims things down for Shogun 2. It's not a revolutionary step, but a necessary one."

Damn. They dumbed the game down. Empire and Napoleon were hardly complex.... I like IGN but they always blatantly support the dumbing down of games. Still getting Shogun tho.

Jack-Pyro2650d ago

I wish my rig was strong enough to handle this =(

AntoineDcoolette2650d ago

I wish my rig was strong enough to handle this on ultra = (

Skyreno2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

as much i ish comes to console, i highly doubt it beacuse so many menus that a controler cant handle it , unless game comes with keyboard now that diffrent story

LightofDarkness2650d ago

Can't avail of this till Friday. but the review tells me everything I already know. Beauty + intense real-time strategy + turn-based Civ awesomeness = PLATINUM.

Every self-respecting PC Gamer will buy this.

banjadude2650d ago

Still waiting for my collector's edition to arrive from Australia. Man... the wait is excruciating.

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