Games Abyss: Hard Corps Uprising Review

Derek Boleware Jr. writes, "Browsing around on the Xbox Live Arcade Market Place, something caught my eye with it’s anime-styled artwork cover, and name reminiscent of the days of old (If you remember the old Contra: Hard Corps for the Sega Genesis): Hard Corps: Uprising . Upon selecting this title, it states that it‘s the “spiritual successor” to Contra, goes without saying that I was already hype at this point. Even more so, I was curious as to what the result of Arc System Works (makers of BlazBlue) working in tandem with Konami in this type of genre would produce. Contra was a respectable franchise with a reputation to maintain, and with the recent “belittling” of the difficulty of modern remakes, I was cautious. But not only did they deliver good on their promise, but they have provided one of the most entertaining and addictive games of this year."

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