Gamestop starts selling PS3 Modded(Lawsuit Coming)

Gamestop has begun selling a modded PS3, these models are known as supercharged and are being promoted to your specifications that brings a 500gb hard drive 5400rpm, media remote control, hdmi, supercharged skins, all at the price of $ 400. GameStop may believe what is being modded to sell the PS3 that will be coming following a lawsuit by sony.

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dp2774072683d ago

I called em to see how much they would give me for my 500gig and they said they wouldnt take it unless i put the original hard drive in it.

evilmonkey5012683d ago true.Its the sku/serial. They dont really care.they just want to suck up your dead/unloved ps3.

Soldierone2683d ago

Yeah and my 60GB PS3 was only worth 20 bucks....

Dee_912683d ago

only thing is a harddrive
thats not that modded

Vherostar2683d ago

These ain't modded they have a bigger HDD in them which Sony have clearly said they allow to swap a HDD without damaging warranty and some stickers... No doubt though they would have done a deal with Sony for these models though no big company is that stupid enough not to cover themselves.

I_find_it_funny2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

they're selling ps3's in unofficial packaging , that's enough for a lawsuit

dp2774072683d ago

They said prices range from 80 to 120 but im sure that was in store credit so knock 20 percent off that for cash value,

inveni02683d ago

Once they open and mod a PS3, it's used. That means they can re-box it however they'd like. The only issue Sony may have is that they aren't being modded by the consumer, or that they're selling them as "new", when they clearly aren't.

Zashule2683d ago

"Yeah and my 60GB PS3 was only worth 20 bucks.... "

Sell that sucker on EBay, if you get lucky, you can sell it for over $400. People love their BC.

Dee_912683d ago

yea i love BC but im not paying 400 for a 60gb lol

if these were modded to have bc i would gladly buy one right now

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

This is legal. Should come with a mic.

chainer30002682d ago

Looks legal to be besides the repackaging may be an issue and Sony may want to make it clear the unit has been opened by Gamestop... but really I think the lesson is this:

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH GAMESTOP. They open crap, lowering the value, and sell it at retail. Even some of the games I used to purchase "new" from their store was clearly opened before and then resealed - some containing scratches etc. This would be cheaper to buy seperatly, they're hitting you with a large charge for a HDD that is worth 50$ on newegg. Hell, I got a terabyte (just shy of) for 80$ at high speed.

shuuwai2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )


they might get sue.

Overall its a good deal.
"IF" something does go wrong and you send in your ps3 for fixing and sony says it was the hd at fault, gs will give you a new ps3. *smile*

1. hard mod, changing the mb with welling crap.
2. soft mod, changing the os software.
3. swapping, uh swapping.
4. Design mod, making your ps3 case looking like something else.

Things you should know.

1. Design mod will void, since you changing the skel. structure of the ps3, however, you won't get banned from the PSN.

2. Soft-mod will get you ban from psn.

3. Hard-mod will get you ban from psn.

4. swapping, won't void your ps3, won't ban you from psn; however, you're SOL if something goes wrong. The best solution for people who don't want do this is get done in a locate PC store.

Note: "if" you send your ps3 for fixing and they say it was the HD in PS3 at fault your SOL.

"IF" you could do these things list below here, you could easily swap your HD on your PS3.

1. mult. task - drinking something in a glass.
2. use a screwdriver
3. know what arrow symbols means.
4. Follow directions to the letter.
5. Remembering things "use a cam if you can't"

For me i bought 640gg hd from a local PC store.
I used my 80gig ipod classical, to backup my PS3 80gig HD. The ps3 HD was 67/80gig, so my ipod could be used without fear. I bought a case for ps3 80gig HD, and used that as Back-up HD.


Western Digital Scorpio Blue (WD6400BPVT) 640GB SATA 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5" Laptop Hard Disk (OEM)

Price: 69.99

note: I got it for 49.99 it was on sale that day. hah

Bytecc HD3-SU-BK Tool Less Aluminum 2.5" HDD Mobile External Enclosure

Price: 9.99

note: meh, it was cheapest one.

lukejames11112683d ago

Wait. So they aren't actually "modded" then? All it's got is a bigger HDD and some cool bonus peripherals? Plus it seems like these are PS3's that are traded in.

Well done N4G for posting more crap! :)

geth1gh2683d ago

Yea guys, have you seriously not learned to not sell stuff to gamestop at this point? You might as well just run into a prison butt ass naked because you are already screaming "Rape me!!!"

Sell your games, accessories, and consoles on craigslist at the very least if you don't want to deal with shipping/ebay charges. Just make sure your smart and meet up in public locations in the middle of the day.

ChronoJoe2683d ago


They aren't selling them as new. And they aren't just PS3s they've taken from regular boxes, and put into their own. These are refurbished PS3s.

And this is actually quite normal for electronics. For instance a refurbished PS3 from PC world comes in a PC world box, usually with PC world cables etc.

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Wenis2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Is it any different than a person selling a PS3 with an upgraded hard drive on ebay? Or a person selling a 'suped up' honda civic

shoddy2683d ago

There are law to minimize what you can mod to your car.
You can not change all your head light blue and drive on the street.
You'll get a ticket.

How about put snow chain on your tires drive on sunny day.

Now do you understand about the ps3?

Dark_king2683d ago

@shoddy actually u mod your car however you want,just can't drive it on the road.

jidery2683d ago

You can mod a PS3 all you want, just cant drive on the network.

Wenis2683d ago

Only if it affects how you play on the network. Which having an upgraded harddrive or custom skin doesn't do.

zag2683d ago

I thought this was a pirate moded PS3.

not a bigger HD in a PS3.

Shops in Australia have sold PS3's with larger HD just haven't put up ads about it you simply ask the shop owner and they'd back up everything and you walk away with a 200+gig HD in your PS3 for a couple hundred.

Changing the HD in a PS3 isn't illegal either.

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orakga2683d ago

I disagree. There's no actual tinkering with the copyright protection.


HolyOrangeCows2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Gamestop selling refurbished PS3s with a larger HDD is EXACTLY the same as Geohotz illegally distributing stolen code and copy-protected software.

Silly article. Sony isn't going to sue over this crap. It's far from the same situation.

gamingdroid2683d ago

Soon we will get a lawsuit about used car dealers selling you a car without the factory tires!

Oh... that isn't happening? Oh, well I guess Sony has no case then.

Biggest2683d ago

Sony isn't suing GameStop. The person that wrote this article is just saying dumb shit.

xtremeradn3ss2683d ago

Playstation states in its manual that you can change your PS3 hard drive.

Spydiggity2683d ago

yeah, they also said you can install a different OS....

Zashule2683d ago

LMAO, bubs for you dude! The manual is a lie!

Dagobert2683d ago

Well I'm no lawyer nor am I going to act like one, like some of you are, presenting your personal opinions like facts. But I'm sure you guys got moms, dads, uncles and aunts in the law firm.

Anyways in my opinion this doesn't seem illegal especially because of the fact that it's refurbished and you're allowed to upgrade the internal hard drive. Now if they were selling new PS3 with a different size hard drive that Sony doesn't make and selling it as new then that would seem more illegal to me.

zeal0us2683d ago

Sony too busy fighting LG(in Europe) and Hackers(just about everywhere) to care about little ole gamestop mod, long as they aren't modding the chip or software I think sony might turn the blind eye.

xAlmostPro2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

This is legal, firstly your allowed to sell your ps3 and stores are also allowed to sell pre-owned ps3..

It's also legal to upgrade ps3 harddrives etc.

This is no different from buying an upgraded ps3 on ebay with extra accessories added, actually a really good idea if you ask me :D

The only 'lawsuit' that could be possible is for the fact that they aren't using official sony boxes.. but tbh i doubt that will even anger sony.

If it does in anyway anger sony and they call for a lawsuit, they can just change this to a 'supercharge bundle' where you get your normal ps3 but they give you the upgraded harddrive in store along with the extras and just put it in a supercharged 'bag' :D (probably easier this way than putting the work in and them not selling as much as they want.

Anyway, cool idea props to gamestop

Vherostar2683d ago

Totally not illegal nothing they do you can't do yourself and retain full warranty. Gotta love though how the wii and 360 fans are on here spouting this crap.

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Godmars2902683d ago

As long as they're not jailbroken I don't see what the issue is. Aside maybe that Gamestop should be selling them as special/exclusive issue.

ZombieAssassin2683d ago

Uhh i don't see how this would be cause for a's not like they're jailbroken.