Editorial: Open Apology to Call of Duty Fans

TitanReviews writes: Many are critical of the success of Call of Duty, and maybe that is warranted, but sometimes it goes too far and extends to the fans. Things can get personal, but they shouldn't.

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WiIIiam2656d ago

No need to apologize. I don't know who you are anyway.

AKissFromDaddy2656d ago

Really good read. I'm never criticizing someone's preferences again.

Ebrightblade2656d ago

God forbid an opinionated piece on the net offend someone. So are game journalists really going to dumb it down for the cry babies with delicate senses who don't like when someone says something bad about their game now? Aw, somebody get them a tissue so they can blow their snotty little nose and sleep better.

Enigma_20992656d ago

Considering what Activision has done, why do I get the feeling they had it coming anyway?