New Dead Island Screens Released

TGX: Deep Silver has released new screenshots for the upcoming game developed by Techland entitled Dead Island.


The page will take a while to load as the screenshots are ultra resolution.

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Hitman07692651d ago

This game has everybody ranting and raving, should be sweet.

TheDarkness2651d ago

This Game Has so much hype lol. But i think It should be good.

-MD-2651d ago

Had my eye on this one for what seems like forever. I hope they nail the gameplay.

Solid_Snake-2651d ago

that guy in the bottom screen looks like it could be ruined by over sized enemies on a "kinda" realistic setting game.

ill be keeping my eye on this.

Ashby_JC2651d ago

Not to be a debbie downer. But I have a feeling the best thing about this game will be the Awesome "REVERSE" Trailer. The one with the girl zombie flying out or should I say back in through the window.

Zero gameplay all screenshots.

I want a game with NO special zombies. A smart survival horror game. The fact this has special characters with unique abilities is kind of a turn off. ANd the special ZOMBIES ala left for dead...really?

they couldnt come up with anything else?

At this time the best zombie game for me..was Dead Rising. Dead Rising 2 dropped the ball big time. The basically rinsed and repeated and didnt try anything new.

We shall see :)

BTW..Im a HUGE zombie genre fan!!! Max Brooks FTW!

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