Deus Ex, System Shock designer Doug Church joins Valve

Portal 2 developer Valve has landed some major new design talent in Doug Church, whose credits include Deus Ex, Thief, System Shock, Tomb Raider: Legend. Gamasutra confirmed the hire but Valve didn't comment on Church's new position or what projects he may be involved with.

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Raendom2682d ago

@Disagrees, you've heard of Doug Church? For seriously? The main guy is Warren Spector and Ken Levine.

distorted_reality2682d ago

Wow. That's pretty great news for Valve.

chak_2682d ago

DX, SS and thief.


jp332682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Deus Ex, Thief 1&2, and SShock 1&2 will always be perminate on my HD. This could be great.

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