What Does Steam Guard Mean For The PlayStation 3?

At the last E3 PlayStation 3 owners were shocked to find out that not only was the newest Portal title, Portal 2, headed to the PlayStation 3, but it will also feature Steam implementation for PlayStation 3 owners. With the newest update of Steam, there is a new feature known as Steam Guard. It provides a new level of security for Steam users, but what does that mean for PlayStation 3 owners when Portal 2 is released?

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doctorstrange2651d ago

Steam is a fantastic client and I can't wait to see its future on the PS3.

evrfighter2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

It's future is on the pc but I guess you can its gonna branch out a little on the ps3.

Though steamworks is just a tiny branch.

MaxXAttaxX2651d ago

Yeah yeah "tiny" and "little". We get it.
Nice stealth downplay, troll.

Steamworks is a development tool that integrates features such as voice communication, matchmaking, Steam Cloud and more, on games.

decimalator2651d ago

I'm curious about how Steam is going to mesh with PSN. Great stuff.

Stealth20k2651d ago

its probably not.......more like updates, news, ect

Sev2651d ago

Is this the same steam that fogs up my shower in the morning? I hate that shit.

distorted_reality2651d ago

Steamworks =/= Steam.

Thought the distinction was made clear months ago.

Motion2651d ago

Correct. Steam is the popular distribution platform that most all PC gamers run, storing their game libraries and hosting awesome deals, while steamworks (which is coming to the ps3) is a a free development and publishing suite for developers to fully integrate steam features (matchmaking, voice com, steam cloud, etc) into their games. (In a nutshell)

IHateYouFanboys2651d ago

it is funny how people still think that Steam, like it is on the PC, is coming to the PS3.

like you said, Steamworks != Steam. the PS3 is getting SteamWORKS people, not Steam. from Valves own Steamworks site:

"Whether you’re looking for matchmaking, achievements, anti-cheat technology, in-game economy systems with microtransactions, or the next big feature in gaming, Steamworks has what you need."

so Steamworks does matchmaking.......which the PSN already does. Steamworks does achievements..........which the PSN already has. Steamworks has anti-cheat technology.........which most developers already have. Steamworks has microtransactions.........whic h the PSN already has.

Steamworks coming to the PS3 - and possibly 360, theyve talked about it - doesnt really mean much to the end user.

B1663r2651d ago

Noooo!!!!!!! Boycott steam guard!!!!! IT IS A TRAP!!! Before you know it games will REQUIRE Steam Guard and 90% of the value of Steam will be lost.


Motion2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Steamguard is kind of awesome. All it does is send you an email with a code when an unrecognized IP logs into your account, and you must enter said code. It has nothing to do with games/DRM, its purely account protection, and I personally welcome it.

B1663r2651d ago

Well before you know it, it will start sending you codes if you log in to steam from a computer with an unknown GUID and then they have you!!!!!


Ducky2651d ago

... How does requiring SteamGuard change anything?

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