GAMER-0 # 50: Road Trip To PAX East 2011

T-Hill writes: This was an insane trip where I got to meet up with my idol HipHopGamer, my close friends 9thGen & Hitman, Torrance Davis, Black Smith, Black Bible and Anothony Frasier. Hitting up the Gamers Gone Wild party that was thrown by the sfx-360 crew was crazy fun because I met Jake, A.J and Rachel from WCG Ultimate Gamer and CliffyB from Epic Games. Walking the show floor and checking out all of the games along with the behind closed doors previews was simply amazing to say the least.

As far as the swag bag contest goes all you need to do is find these points in my vid and send me an email at [email protected] with the times that they appeared and you’ll win (only 4 bags of swag).

1. When did Bison, Ryu and Morgan show up?
2. When did Jessica Chobot show up?
3. When did HipHopGamer show up?
4. When did you see Batman? I changed this from what shirt was I wearing last but you couldn’t see it so I changed this one.

Good luck

PS. I know it wasn’t a road trip since I took a plane but plane flight didn’t really have that ring to it…

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Hitman07692503d ago

This is the coolest video from PAX I've seen yet.

9thGenHero2503d ago

damn, talk about documentary, there's no way my footage can stack up to that LOL crazy man...awesome video