Homefront's "failure" is prime example of the power of Metacritic

Remember Homefront? The game that had people gushing over its premise and writing pedigree? The game that garnered over 200,000 pre-orders? The game that just came out for $60 yesterday? Well, it's $41.96 now at Amazon in a stunning turn for what could have potentially been a multi-game franchise for publisher THQ. What could have caused the real-life narrative of the game as a product to shift from buzz to bust? A number: 71. That's Homefront's number on Metacritic for the Xbox 360 (74 for PS3 and 72 for PC) as of this writing.

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Nightshadow2537d ago

A score of 70+ is not a failure. The reason for the price drop as you yourself mentioned, is the need to sell 2million copies -- this is to cover/break even on development costs involved. Completely misleading article.

BK-2012537d ago

Gamers tend to avoid 70 games hence the failure.

Nightshadow2537d ago

Agree with xc7x, relying on metacritic user scores is a failure, and avoiding games rated 70ish is also ridiculous. You sir would have missed out on a lot of good titles.

FailOverHero2537d ago

Well, 375 000 gamers bought the game day 1 in just NA, way more than Bulletstorm, expect week one to be at least 500k

aCasualGamer2537d ago

Listen, the main reason this game won't get cod sales is the same reason no other game gets cod sales; marketing or lack thereof.

Plus, the most obvious reason is, people are getting sick of FPS's with the same look as cod. Fair enough, this game perhaps tries something new but the same visual design and gameplay style is too similar for people to care about it.

Publishers need to understand, FPS's are dying. IMO Battlefield 3 will be the last big FPS of this generation. After Battlefield 3 people will care less about FPS. The interest will go towards compelling storylines and the generic FPS's will finally die.

Gamers have grown tired of FPS's that's what i'm trying to say.

BK-2012537d ago

I'm not speaking for myself, I'm saying that I know a lot of people who avoid games that rate a 70.

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BrianG2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Discounting the game does not make it easier to break even. It does the contrary. Depending on how you look at it.

Now the developers, publishers, and retailers are receiving smaller margins per game sold. Now they will have to sell MORE than 2 million units if the price stays down.

On the other hand, with a lower price they should expect to sell more units.

But I do agree that using Metacritic religiously can lead to passing up on some very very good games.

EDIT: Edited to complete the point.

xc7x2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

the failure is relying on metacritic scores for your own purchase.

hakeem09962537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

You guys realise that Amazon and Walmart have been selling every new games that's been out for $40 to get traffic . Walmart and Amazon did sell Blackops for $40 too .Plus before the release Amazon had the $20 voucher deal too.
In other word,that article is further proof that so called gaming journalist don't know shit about getting their fact ST8.

P.S Homefront is doing well for a new IP. the numbers will prove it.

Balt 2537d ago

Games will have to either

A. Drop in price from 60 to 40


B. Drop in production value

The bad news here is games might get cheaper, but so will the quality of the product. Cost has killed gaming innovation this gen.

Kran2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Its not a failure.

Since when would over 375,000 copies in a single day across all platforms a failure?

Outpostgamez2537d ago

Wow, i had thought that Homefront would have done well though all indications are it is a failure which is unfortunate.

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