90° Diablo III – Further evidence for a console release says: It wasn't too long ago when the possibility of a console release of Diablo III was high due to the advertising of job positions in the Blizzard ranks looking for console developers. Yet again the topic has come up with new evidence that could substantiate the possibility of a console release, but this is all heresay at the moment.

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MysticStrummer2592d ago

Cue the PC crowd and the "Why would anyone want to play this game on a console?" comments.

WhiteNoise2592d ago

Cue the console crowd with integrated graphics laptops that they paid more than the price of a desktop gaming PC for...and they still can't play PC games, oh wait, you're already here.

Have fun playing the gimped sub-hd, sub 30 frame gimped spell toggling version while I play in 1080p with 32csaa at 60 frames with a hotbar/quickslots.

Whether or not it comes to consoles, the only people Q-ing will be console gamers for the aforementioned reasons.

reynod2592d ago

"Whether or not it comes to consoles, the only people Q-ing will be console gamers for the aforementioned reasons."

Haha epic.

Ranshak2592d ago

Who the f&*k cares about Diablo when consoles have this:

and this:

No one would care for Diablo on console since its not fit for that userbase. No wonder Diablo 1 did terribly on console.

Spinal2592d ago

LOL Good luck console players!

<3 my quad-core Q6600, 4gb ddr 2 ram, Radeon 4870 1gb ram. For Battlefield 3 and Diablo 3 I think I will double my ram and get one of the new Radeon cards maybe the Radeon 6950.

imvix2592d ago

Q6600 is legendary man, Perhaps one of the best pieces of hardware released in the last decade, its reasonabally priced at launch and still performs like a champ specially when OC'd past 3ghz.. That CPU is good for any game out even today.

Spinal2592d ago

Yep! I haven't even OC'd mine yet but i run everythnig at highest settings and still no sweat. Bad Company 2 doesn't even sweat my rig at highest settings possible.

But of course its time for me to upgrade to a Dx11 Card for Battlefield 3 so Definitely time for a new GPU and more Ram and Higher Watt PSU.

What rig you running with?

imvix2592d ago

I7 980x oc'ed to 4.5ghz
6 Gigs ram
80gig ssd intel
2tb back updrive
300gb 10k rpm raptor gaming drive
HAF 932 completely modified by high intake fans

3 X 24inch monitors resolution = 5760*1080

list goes on

PC gaming elitest :P lol

The_Nameless_One2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

SO instead of PC gamers being nice to other gamers and saying that it's awesome that people who can't afford or are unwilling to invest $1500+ in a game machine will get to enjoy this fine game. Again all the do is just berate anyone out side their resentful elitist world. Makes be ashamed being a PC gamer. I for one am glad more people will get to enjoy this.

imvix2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Really since when did we need 1500usd rigs to play Blizzard games? I would put it more like 500-600usd, Lol even for demanding games the same rig is more then enough. Unless you are talking about the people who get butt raped at the hands of companies like Alienware.

100usd -150usd for a GPU if you already have a 2-3yr old PC.

cakeisalie2592d ago

Atleast he didnt say $2000 lol.

drexl2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Doesn't change the fact that he's right about you PC gamers being arrogant and rude to console gamers. You PC gamers like to act like you're superior to everyone else, and yet you have the politeness and maturity of 10 year olds. You do nothing except mock and make fun of consoles, and then have the audacity to wonder why people think you are elitists.

And before you say anything, yes I am a PC gamer. I'm just sick of you damn elitists giving us all a bad image. Right now, what we want is for more people to switch over to PC gaming, not less. If you idiots are always bad-mouthing console gamers and making fun of them, how can you expect them to switch over to PC gaming if you're always acting like dickheads towards them?

SwampCroc2592d ago

Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Dreamcast, Virtual Boy, 3DS, Personal Computers.....

who cares... I just want to kill Diablo..... AGAIN!!!!

jakethesnake2592d ago

Further evidence = same evidence.

The thing is that they have said for months that they would 'explore the possibility'.

Call me when there is actually something to talk about please.

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