Hudson Soft, You Will Be Missed

Hudson Soft is a classic video game company with a legacy crafted from titles such as Bonk, Bomberman, and even Nintendo's Mario Party series. What does Konami's acquisition of the company mean?

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nyobzoo2559d ago

*looks at their recent games* bomberman, bomberman, bomberman, and bomberman....yep, can't say I'll miss them much

Anarki2559d ago

They also made bloody roar. If you don't miss that game, there's something sadly wrong with you.

nyobzoo2559d ago

I do, but as my post states, recent games, and they've not done much to keep me following them

rezzah2559d ago

Bloody Roar is awesome. I still remember playing the demo constantly for the first one on the PS1. Never got the chance to actually get it since I was pretty small and my mom never bought it for me.

TheDeadMetalhead2559d ago

Wait, the logo was supposed to be a bumblebee? I always saw a talking bird with hair pointing at the Hudson logo.

OhMyGandhi2559d ago

Jesus. they've made alot of games.
I mean, they strike gold with a few ideas, and then beat them to death, sequel after sequel.

over saturating is not the best way to try to expand your company name.

Don't get me wrong, I love Mario party and the series, as tired as it became, still holds dear to my heart.

(I mean who HASN'T blistered their palms by rotating them on the n64 stick playing the tug of war mini game?)

I knew they made some games. but looking at the total list, just wow...

Baka-akaB2559d ago

A pity Konami still wouldnt do anything with their Bloody Roar franchise

Redempteur2559d ago

you're right a bloody roar current gen could be terrific ..i hope konami use this one day ..

Ingram2559d ago

Well not for Mickey Mousecapade.

I liked the PC engine as a console though, but, why such a shitty audio processor? I mean, it's ok, after all the best games were on CD, Castlevania, Snatcher etc, but come on the base sound chip of the PCE was damn bad compared to the SNES, and even worse than the genesis one.


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